Air Compressor and Water Separator

lbpodSeptember 21, 2011

Does anyone out there use a water separator on their

air compressor? In a previous life I found it was

a necessity when doing spray painting. Also, they

can keep harmful moisture out of air tools. I guess

my main question is: "what brand of water separator

is good?".

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Northern Tools seems to have a variety in their Air Compressor Accessories. I have a simple line filter (leaving the tank) that I can see the moister and filter element in. It also has a schrader valve on the bottom to bleed the clear filter bowl. Due to condensation, I try to bleed my compressor's tank yearly or before any serious painting or finishing. The amount of water I would find in the tank told I needed some help to save the bottom. I added a galvanized elbow and pipe below the tank to take on the water and as an easy access to drain. Good luck! loger

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Loger, you should drain that tank at least once a month. When water lays in the tank for long periods that's when the tank starts rusting and getting thinner.

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Thanks mla2ofus, I know More Would Be Better! I purchased the 1 HP AC Compressor from Sears in 1972 and it showed to have a pin-hole 2-3 years later. I put a self-tapping screw and a "O-Ring" in that hole and have not found another or signs of weakness since. I feel the grease (mixed fairly well) in the water and TX Heat has helped to preserve it. Plus, at one point I was told to leave a pin-hole for it to drain itself, and I did for years. I turn it On/Off with a H/D timer 0-12 Hrs as my switch vs it coming on later. BUT! I have had a new replacement tank stored since about 1975. I might need to check it after all these years. LOL! loger

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I have a combination Filter Separator / Oiler on my Atlas Copco Compressor . Although I still routinely blowdown my tank to eliminate any residual debris monthly. If your compressor is stored within a none heated building condensation accumulation can be more of a headache , requiring more dedicated mtce.

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Thanks for your opinions. I Googled 'Water separators'
and found lots of them for sale. Some for less than $10,
and some over $1,000. I just wondered if anyone
had one they were very happy with and what it was.
I just got a new Rolair compressor, (what a gorgeous
piece of equipment), and I wanted to get it set up
right from the get-go.

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As I advised my application requires due dilligence (thermal cycles) since my garage is not heated at all times . I therfore ensure to buy the combination water separator � filter and auto adjusatible oil station when I purchased the unit . I believe the adder was $75 for the 3 stage unit . Works great and has over 5 yrs on the components . Sizing was critical for proper cfm and undue back pressure within the system . Atlas Rep did all the sizing according for my application .

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