How to safely use a floor jack on the front of a lawn tractor

richard904May 21, 2010

There is a previous post, "How to effectively raise the mower for a change of blade," Apr 5, 2010. Several people recommended raising the front using a floor jack, and of course using jack stands to support the front axle. What is a safe jacking point in front? I have the Craftsman 917.28736 purchased in 2007.

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Place the "cup" of the jack under the center of the steering axle exactly half way between the tires (this is the trunnion point).
Arrange the raised lips on the edge of the cup so that at least one of the lips is behind the rear edge of the axle assembly.
If the surface the jack is on is not smooth enough to allow the jack wheels to roll easily, release the tractor park brake and place the trans in neutral so the rear wheels of the tractor can roll forward while you jack up the tractor. Either the jack, or the tractor must be able to move while the jacking is done because floor jacks do not raise straight up, they raise in an arc toward the jack operator, and this must be compensated for or the jack cup can slip off the axle.
The same thing is true when lowering the jack, except the cup arcs down and away from the jack operator at that time.

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