Anyone have a Billy Goat?

ken51September 22, 2013

Hi- I just picked up a Billy Goat model KD512SP. Its in excellent condition and hardly used. Was wondering if it will shred up leaves with the impeller or do I need to get the optional screen? Thanks for reading this.

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Gee--i thought ya meant a real billy goat! I had a real one! Got it from a friend, and brought him home after work. Got home late for supper, so i tied him to the bumper of my rusty old Ford Panel truck, and went inside to eat supper.
Wife, with her great sense of hearing, said that she could hear something outside that sounded like a sheep, or lamb, baaa-ing. So, she went for a look-see. And came back in to tell me there was a goat standing on the roof of my truck! In all innoscense, i said that she must have been nipping on the Christmas sauce she had been making that day.
Well, after some coarse words, i finally told her about the goat, and how i got it, and why. We had a vacant lot that was coverred in brambles, and scrub trees, weeds, and all that stuff. And i told her the goat would clear the lot. Which it did. I chained him up so he could eat a large circle, and when he got that circle, i'd put the stake at the edge of the circle, and let him go to it. Funny thing, tho--he'd eat to the edge of the lawn grass, but wouldn't touch the grass. When winter came on, i donated him to a local farmer, where he lived in weedy comfort, until he expired!

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Good story for a foggy Sunday morning here in Massachusetts

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ONWARD....through the fog! I enjoyed that story as well.

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