Echo weedeater

Bubbles2012September 11, 2012

Bought a used Echo weedeater about a month ago and it was running great but today after starting it, the unit would stall when I tried to take off the choke. I could open it a little but if I opened it all the way it killed it. It will start right back up but the same thing continues to happen so I just used it with the choke mostly closed. Anybody have any ideas about what might be going on?

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You need to clean and install a kit in the carburetor. More expensive but may be best to replace carburetor. In my experience you need an ultrasonic cleaner to get the gum out of all the passages in the Zama carburetor.

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Thanks for the suggestion ggoyeneche! I just bought it from a guy who runs a small engine repair business and he said he did a bunch of stuff to it. Wondering how accessible the carburetor is to work with for the average person? Any/all feedback is much appreciated!

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I Can Not Keep Track Of Time With A Daily News Paper And Calendar!!

Sounds like it is sucking air due to fuel lines or primer bulb not air-tight.

More Info: My Echo SRM 210, 5-10 yrs old has never had a problem due to using and storing with Stabil treated fuel IMO. It d/n have carb adjustments screws and has never needed them.

My Echo PE 2000 project trimmer was given to me. It would idle good but had no high rpm until I removed the limit caps off the adjustment screws and possibly added more gas. I worked the fuel lines good and air tight, primer sys (duck bill) vs just the bulb due seeing little gas action in the bulb. The Monster seems to run good now.

If you have not completely disassembled and inspected and cleaned the carb you could be missing something simple as a restricted full screen or bad diaphragm. I suggest using canned carb cleaner and fine wire to verify all ports are open/clean (w/o removing the hard to replace fuel screen). If the carb looks gummed from old fuel or dirty, you might soak it for 8 hrs and pressure clean.

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Loger, buy a working watch. Haha only kidding. Lots of good info! Looks like we'll have a project over the weekend. Thanks for taking some time to give more suggestion!

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