Thinking about winter :-(

exmarSeptember 17, 2011

Hi Folks,

I'm in my 60's so have seen my share of winters, including ten of them spent in Oswego, NY, lake effect snow, thunder and lightning during snow storms, etc.

I'm concerned about this one coming up, historically, I have had a "we'll deal with it when it gets here attitude." I get snow removal gear ready, lay in stuff, and am ready for routine run of the mill nonsense.

This year is very weird weather wise, coupled with earthquakes and hurricanes on the east coast. Over the past week or so I've noticed some very strange things going on.

1. Started one of the little tractors after it had sat for 4 days, there was a puff of pink and insulation and baby mice were all over the barn floor. Field mice don't move in untiil late October normally.

2. When I went in the house and commented on the mice to my wife, she replied that the black capped chicadees (whatever they are) were back 6 weeks early this year.

3. Just dug potatoes and got a very good harvest considering the weather we've had. Anyway, couldn't believe the number of toads I dug up, and they were deep?

4. Wolf spiders are all over with egg sacks attached, again that's about a month early.

5. The skinks which we enjoy watching play around the porch have disappeared.

6. Tomato harvest (San Marzano) has been over for a couple of weeks and that usually goes into October unless we get a frost.

By posting this and doing more than usual to get ready I'm doing everything I can to assure a mild winter...:-)

How's it look where you live?


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I can't relate any specific signs, but it was in the 40s here last night, and I lit the pilot of the sealed gas log in the family room today and tested it. It's my emergency heat. I don't usually get motivated to do this until later in the year. I just have that 'winter' feeling today. While we obviously will have some beautiful warm days coming, I think anyone would be wise to prepare now for an early, cold winter. After all, it can't hurt a thing to be ready.

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Hey, Leatherneck, you could be right. We've already gotten below 100 degrees in the Fort Worth area. Plus, a whole 9/10 inch of rain!

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I just put my hand-fired wood/coal boiler on automatic pilot tonight. Throw wood in the boiler and heat comes out of the radiators. Viola!

I think the high temperature today was 60, but I know there are many warm days yet before Winter.

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yah, I appeased the wife/god yesterday and lit a fire in the wood stove.

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Normal Fall Weather so far this season here in the Great White North . Temps in the mid 60's to low 70's in the afternoon and dropping to just above freezing overnight. Have not had our 1st frost yet . Usually mid Sept for the leafs to begin to change colour , nothing local yet , but at hunting camp some of the trees close to the lake are starting to change to yellow . I suppose a few more weeks and the change will be on with brilliant orange and reds . Like Andy mentioned have prepped the Oil Furnace and changed filters and cycled in on last week lol .

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