Compare Kohler XT-7 and Honda GC190 engine.

yungmanSeptember 15, 2009

I saw two pressure washer one with Kohler XT-7 and one with HOnda GC190.

The Honda one is a little more because it is a little larger. My question is which one is a better engine that last longer.

Kohler XT-7 use in a some low end commercial mower. It has iron lining but it is rated "moderate" on emmision durability.

Honda has no iron lining but Honda dose have good review.

Both are the same brand so I assume the pumps are equal. Just want to get some opinion here.


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I think you try to analyze too much.

The weakest link in a pressure washer is not the engine, but the pump.

Which is better Briggs or Tecumseh, Ford or Chevy, Honda or Toyota? Depends on who you ask.

And the beat goes on.

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canguy(British Columbia)

+1 to evdpgh

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I have a Kohler XT-7 motor on a Husky Pressure Washer. The entire affair looks good, and particularly the Kohler motor. But, that is where the good part ends. My machine has less than two hours on it and it is essentially useless.

It was hard to start straight out of the box, but eventually with both my wife and myself trying we got it running. While running it operated OK and it did an good job. Our mistake was ever shutting it down. After laying up through the winter we tried to get this piece of junk going again this Spring - and you guessed it, it would not start no matter what. Not only that, it leaked gasoline freely after priming and pulling the start cord - apparently the cheap little plastic choke valve got stuck, and I could not get it to stop. The entire tank of gas ran out on the floor. I had to pull it outside onto the driveway for safety as it is a total danger to life and property.

I pulled the breather cover off and was amazed at the cheapness of the carburetor and throttle/choke assembly. The little rubber primer thingy is a complete joke and obviously will never last more than a season or two. My grandchildren have cheap plastic toys built to higher standards. There can be no pride in manufacturing cheap junk like this.


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