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kss1956May 31, 2008

Yesterday I planted yesterday hostas and transplanted barberry plant and eunonomous (spelling?) I am a detailed person and need guidelines on how often to water- week number 1, 2, etc. Also, my burning bush got large very fast and is too close to my PJM. I know now is not the time to cut it back, but can I cut it a small amount? Any damage by doing this? Lastly, I know that the fall is the best time to plant and trnasplant. I am thinking about moving my hollies. I appreciate any advice and thoughts.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

You can prune your burning bush now, it's not a problem.

Regarding watering, when you transplant something you have to play it by ear - a lot of it depends on the weather (temperature, wind, rain or lack thereof). You should check the transplants every day and if they show signs of wilting, then water them. However, be careful not to overwater - too much water is not good, either and can cause a plant to rot/drown.

If it's been a couple days since you've watered and the plant is droopy or wilting, then of course just go ahead and water - you can just assume it needs water.

However, if you're watering frequently, then you need to check the soil about an inch down. Easist thing to do is stick your finger down about an inch and get a feel for the moisture content of the soil. If the plant is wilted but the soil is moist about an inch down, don't water any further, let the soil dry out more between waterings.

If it's windy or the sun is beating down on it, that can also cause wilting even if the soil is moist. Temporarily cover the plants with something that will offer protection yet still allow air to get in there (e.g. pottery/planters with drainage holes, lawn chairs, rose cones with holes, whatever you have lying around that will work is fine).

There really is no set timetable for watering/protecting transplants - you have to wing it.

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