Homelite XL12

sleepyfirSeptember 8, 2009

I have an old Homelite XL-12 that won't start any more. It has no spark. I suspected a problem with points or condenser so I took off the flywheel. Surprise - there aren't any there. Yet the manual I am using shows points and condenser like I have seen in small engines before. The armature outside the flywheel says Phelon, not Wico. What do I look for now??

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Sorry to be a smart a$$ but I can't resis - ... a New saw?

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That saw has an ignition module. The module and coil are one piece. It's kinda like a CDI. There are no points or condenser. You should be able to find a new or used module on the web.

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Thanks dewaynep. I kind of thought everything was in that one piece, but didn't know what it is called. I already found some on the web. Thanks again.

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My neighbor recently gave me a red Home Super XL 12. Its a super XL 12 Auto. The UT number is 10045A SN is 503530013. Homelite Textron.
It appears the saw hasn't been used a lot. Great compression. The gas line definitely needs to be replaced. One side of the clutch is broken and sticking out when i took off the sprocket cover. I'm betting someone broke it when they were trying to pop off the clutch. I can put the cover back on. Not sure if this will work when I do get the saw running. Comments needed on this problem.
My priority question is I can't get any spark on the saw. HOw can i check to see if the coil is any good?? I'm assuming this saw has no points.
Would appreciate any help or advice.

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billw(5b - Kansas)

Remove the sparkplugfrom the cylinder and put it back in the Lead Wire. Next ground the plug tip on the muffler or cylinder and pull the starter rope to see if you get spark. verify that there is no short in the lead wire.
the saw was last built in 1980 so I suspect it has a Module and no Points & Condenser behind the Rotor.
There were 2 different makes of Modules, WICO/Prestolite and R.E.P.CO / PHELON. The name will be on the face of the Rotor. I stock the replacement.

Bill 785-562-3539

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I have a Homelite XL12 Lot#D5064 Serial #44535178. Saw runs but loads up with gas. Changed carbureauter and rebuilt but still having same problem. Could problem be reed valve Spark seems good and new plug.

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Inlet needle valve is most common cause . Call Bill at previous thread note for further info , he is the forum expert on Homelites of all Vintage .

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