'motorcycle batteries'

exmarSeptember 14, 2011

Hi Folks,

I'm referring to what I consider motorcycle batteries, the ones that are shipped dry, you then add electrolyte, charge and put into service.

How do they differ from the regulare sealed lead acid batteries I have in small tractors, etc.?

I have somehow became the "official fixer" of my nieces go kart which is a "POS" made in China, with no service info available that I can find. I've been able to keep it running reasonably well. The "motorcycle battery" that came with it died after 4 months, a replacement lasted 6. The alternator is putting out about 13.2Volts. I'm wondering if I can simply put in a sealed lead acid like the one I have in my GT which starts a 26HP Briggs even in single digit temps in the winter. The go kart engine is a single cylinder, I'm guessing about 10 HP.

Vibration, etc. isn't an issue as they drive it only on hayfields with minimal to no bumps and the battery would be firmly secured in any event.

Thanks for your time,


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I'd say yes to your question. Voltage is the same, no matter what battery you take it from. Amps might be a cause for concern. Ask at a battery dealer. Not Sears or HD! Those people will admit that they believe the moon is made of green cheese, if they think they can sell you something!
I have a motorcycle battery on a snow blower, for the electric start feature. When i found out how much the electric starter/house current would cost, it got converted!

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