Stihl BR400

elacesarSeptember 12, 2009

Hello all I just wanted to know if I could get some help with my blower that wont start all of a sudden.. I tried doing all of the regular troubleshooting such as checking for spark and then pouring a litle mixed gas/oil in the plug hole and it does start for a few seconds.. I took apart the carb and cleaned it up nice with new needle and new gaskets but this doesnt have a primer like other blowers.. Any help will be appreciated cause this is a good and strong blower so it is worth it.. Thanks again all

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The TS stuff that comes to mind is: Make sure the fuel line is not blocked/kinked/damaged. Is the fuel filter clogged? If puring some gas in the plug hold gives you some results, that can only mean the problem is with the fuel delivery system. I had a probem like this on my Husky 165BT abd what happened was while I was in heavy brush, a branch cought the fuel return line and yanked it out of the tank.

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Thanks i will check that tonight..

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Also check muffler spark arrestor screen.

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G'day mate!
What was the outcome? My BR400 won't start today either. I did find a loose spade connector. I replaced that then I found a sharp 90 degree bend in the HT lead which stretched under tension. I have made a temporary join in that with a bullet connector. I pulled out the ignition coil and gave the faces on the flywheel and ignition a quick clean. Now I need to know the gap setting for the ignition system between it and the flywheel.
Cheers Kevin.

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