Grubs in my garden

rjingaMay 23, 2008

I covered my already good garden spot last year with lasagne layers (one to help with weeds, and two to help some peppers that were not doing well. And as I was getting ready to plant this season...I found a bunch of grubs. The soil is amazing and I guess the grubs are helping eat the stuff?

Will they do anything to my plants?

I'm ok with leaving them alone, if they leave well enough alone.

The garden spot is enclosed and inside the fence as well, so nothing is going to get to them to dig them up (unlike my tomatoe patch where it's only 90% fenced and something has been getting in there looking for grubs probably.

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Many bird species really like to eat grubs as well as skunks and such. These grubs will be shortly pupating, if the are not already, to become the adult beetles, June, Japanese, members of the scarab beetle family, that will be around shortly to mate and lay the eggs that will hatch into the grubs you will find next spring. So, right now they are not a real problem, but as yo dig them up you can feed them to the birds and they will like that.

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