Source of replacement handle for corona H29 lopper

dmullen(Southern CA)September 14, 2011

My very old Corona H29 loppers have served me well. They were built in the USA. They are very large (37" long and will cut up to 3" branches.

Some time ago, Corona stopped sharpening used tools and also apparently stopped selling replacement parts too. I have not been able to get parts for many years.

Today, I found out that their tools are made in Mexico and Spain. I guess that is why I cannot find a wooden handle for my loppers.

Does anyone here know where to get a replacement handle for these loppers. I have tried Google but had no luck.

If I cannot find a replacement handle, I will have to buy another large lopper but it will not be Corona. I stopped buying those after they left the USA.

Now, I buy Felco and I know they are expensive but parts are readily available.

These are not made in the USA but my reasoning is that I cannot blame any American company for selling their products abroad nor can I blame any foreign company for doing the same.

Unless the American company can compete on quality, I will buy foreign every time because those foreing companies are producing a product in their own country and providing jobs for their citizens. Our companies are doing the opposite and making few if any jobs in America. Yet, they hope we will continue to support them. I will not.

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Type this -- corona lopper handle -- into bing or other search engine and see the results.

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dmullen(Southern CA)

Thanks for the reply. All searches with the names "Corona" and "Handle" return complete loppers. Mine is a really big one that is 37 inches long (total) and the handle is 30" long.

It looks like I will have to either have one made or just buy another large lopper.

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masiman(z7 VA)

I typed exactly what fruitjarfla had. Below are the shopping results. I'd go the Amazon route (if it is really from Amazon), cause if your loppers are as old as you say, the handle may not be made for your model. If not, hopefully they could be easily modified to fit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corona Lopper Handles

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dmullen(Southern CA)

Thanks for the lead. I found that one too but my handles are 30". I will probably just go get another large lopper from Felco or another company.

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Know nothing about Corona loppers. That being said I have a lot of very old tools and when I need wooden handles, just take the tool or a measurement and visit local TSC or similar. Compare what you need to the replacement handles on display, if you have a draw knife or wood rasp you can modify to fit. If you get too aggressive in removing wood, epoxy works well.

Good luck,


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Have you tried contacting us directly? We sell replacement parts for most tools on our website however it's likely that if you have an older model, you would need to contact customer service directly to see if they can locate a handle for your specific model. You can reach them M-F at 1-800-234-2547 between 7:30-4:30PM PST. They will check inventory to see if we have them in stock. Chris

Here is a link that might be useful: Corona Website

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dmullen(Southern CA)

I had not been back to this site for a long time, and the last posting provided the answer. I called Corona today and this time, they had the lopper handles so I ordered two because my lopper is very old and next time I need one, they might not support it any more.

Thanks for the help.

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