McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger (CARB Compliant

joetoeSeptember 28, 2011

I would like to know what the Pro's and Con's are on the McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger (CARB Compliant)?

How does it compare with the Little Wonder 6232 Commerical with the Honda?

I am looking to buy one of these lawn edgers and it will be for home use only.

I understand that these two are very will built and will give years of service.

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Both machines have the Honda GX120 OHV engine, which is one of the best in the marketplace. So that's a wash.

McLane is a consumer product and tries to get into the low end of the commercial market. The Little Wonder 6232 and the Power Trim 3008H/308H are both high end commercial products. For example, McLane uses plastic wheels where as both Little Wonder and Power Trim are all steel. Swing arm construction and mandrel bearing are superior on the Power Trim, and the Little Wonder is arguably even more stout with double belts to the mandrel, although L-W will not rotate blade for bevel cutting.

On the other hand, this model McLane is in the $600 bracket where-as the Little Wonder and Power Trim are in the high $700 price range. I'm sure the McLane would more than satisfactory for your "home only" usage, but you're not comparing apples-to-apples with the other two.

I've owned all three, and currently have a Little Wonder 6232 with GX120 Honda. I'm equally fond of the Power Trim, especially the 308 with the large front wheel, but Power Trim is not widely distributed in the Northeast. Frankly, the same models with Briggs engines are very capable, and will provide 10+ years of homeowner service if properly maintained.

In summary, you won't go wrong with McLane, but understand there is a reason and demand for the more expensive and better constructed Little Wonders and Power Trims.

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What do you think of the Power Trim Model 200-4 for $259.95? Would this compare with the McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger (CARB Compliant)?

What are the Pro's and Con's of the Power Trim Model 200-4?

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Power Trim 200-4 with Briggs would be a great machine for homeowner use, but you're comparing apples to oranges with the Honda powered McLane. Whether McLane, Power-Trim or Little Wonder, the Honda GX120 is about a $200 bump over the Briggs base engine.

That said, I still think the Power Trim is a better machine than the McLane. The 200-4 matches up more closely with the McLane 100-4.75GT-7, which has similar Briggs engine and steel wheels. At list price the McLane is about $120 cheaper.

However, something seems wrong about the $259.95 price for the 200-4. List price is $559.95 and Power Trim is pretty tough with their distributors and dealers. They won't sell mass market or box stores, and 10% or so off is generally the best you'll see.

If the $259 price is legitimate and for a new machine, I'd jump all over it.

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What do you think of the Power trim Model 300-IC

Briggs & Stratton I/C Engine- 148cc
10" Cutting Blade
4-7" Wheels (Adjustable Front)
Edges & Trims

For $513.00? Is this a over kill for me?

I am looking at Norwalk Power Equipment Company.

I am a big Honda man. But is B & S as good as Honda motors? Would a Briggs gave me the service over the years as the Honda? Seeing that you would not be using it as much as a lawn mower, is it really worth buying a Honda? I know I am talking quality with Honda. But where does Briggs fit in Best, Better or Poor?

You have been very helpful so far.

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