What Are The Best Fire Extinguishers For Home And Car use?

loger_gwSeptember 8, 2010

What Are The Best Fire Extinguishers For Home And Car use?

I recently lost my 1993 Ford Explorer to a Dash Fire or Electrical Melt-Down while trying to start the engine. This was my first related starting problem w/o a dead battery or starter. There was not ever a flame visible. When I saw signs of smoke coming from under the dash: I disconnected the battery, felt for a warm fuse, started firing under the dash with a CO2 extinguisher. I fired in the blind until the smoke stopped. As the dash, instrument cluster and AC vents showed openings due to the heat, I fired in the openings and AC vent. The smoke or heat was never too intense to step away from the opened doors. A preliminary inspection showed the heat was coming from a melting/charred wiring harness. That was connected at the ignition switch on the steering column and confined to that area.

What could I have done different? The CO2 extinguisher had very little affect on the hot melting wires toward cooling them. It had to be a direct short not associated with the battery or fuse when I noticed the smoke. loger

PS. 116,000 total mi avg 3,000 yearly since retirement. I was set for years to come or at least to think about what I wanted to learn to drive after all these years. "Time Brings About A Change"!

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

A B C 5 lb. should be ok for car big truck 10 lb. Home 10 lb. co2 dry powder Extinguisher baking powder what in then some litely colored. Dry powder keep out trouble around electic. These take care spot fire's around home car. Those real small extinguishers are for small boats with out board motors spray them at base of flame for best control. Size of extinguisher should give second fight on fire because wiring insulation flare back up 5 gallon water works wonder on fire but not electical fire.

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Gator rider2, Thanks for the reply!

This will give me some info to start with. "Time slips away". I let too many years pass w/o evaluating my extinguishers. IÂll hope to check all and upgrade as needed very soon. As an example, I have an old steel vs plastic CO2 General Extinguisher in the bedroomÂs closet, 5 pound class with a steel/plastic combo movable nozzle, no gauge and heavy heavy (25-30 Lbs). ThatÂs from the late 70s from what I can remember and probably needed hydro testing in the 80s. I do have other later small plastic extinguishers in the kitchen and boat. loger

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I would look for one that can be serviced/charged at the local fire department or stop by and ask them which ones can be charged if they can? I brought several of the cheapie's at wally world to find out year or two later they bleed off and out of the green.

sorry to hear about your explorer, Ford had some recalls if I remember correctly on ign or cruise controls due to fires in the 90's. I seen 2000 explorer EB edition on craigslist for $2600 couple of days ago. Here in the semi-south where I live they are easy to find fairly cheap if you know what your looking at?

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Loger: Follow RC's advice , drop into your local Fire Response Facility. They will advise accordingly amd even offer you a Distributor that they utilize. As for the Ford my 1991 Eddie Bauer had a Recall for the Ignition Switch Change out that was cause of Dash Fires as Rc correctly recall's (no pun intended) ! A few Bad Yrs for Ford as to Recalls lol . Happy no serious injuries or home Damage Bro !

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One more thought? you also want to shake it up about every 3 to 6 months. The chemical seperates and the bottom half becomes hard as concrete after a couple of years of setting. Which reminds me I need to give mine a good shaking

When that happens you get alittle puff and it dead! For thoses that have fire extinguishers be a good IDEA to shake them up at least every time you change you FIRE ALARM batteries every 6 months. WE do change our fire alarm barreries Right?????

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