Small Scale Grain Harvester

zerocSeptember 19, 2010

I posted this over in the harvest section and was suggested to post it over here.

I've been having issues finding information on a small scale grain harvester. Either as a walk behind, riding, or three point tow behind unit. I want to do somewhere in the range of 10 acres so I don't exactly need a half million dollar combine. I've seen these types of units being used over in Asia but can't seem to find anything in the states. Anybody have any idea where and how much it'd cost to acquire something like this? It seems that the units over it china are somewhere in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 bucks, but it seems they're only over there so it'd have to be imported to get one unless someone in the US already deals in these and it's just difficult to find them.

I plan on living somewhere in New England (we haven't decided exactly where yet) which isn't exactly the grain capital of the world which is why I'm interested in small scale production. But being in New England will make it difficult to find anyone that I could pay to harvest such a small plot locally, someone would have to end up traveling a pretty good distance, so it probably would end up being cost prohibitive. And i want to grow a couple different grains that have different harvest times. Any ideas?



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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

You get market bulletin from georgia in fall there listing small combines some as low 2500 dollars. You need to be good repairing old machinery. www dot agr dot georgia dot gov make that into link it take to Farmers and Consumers market bulletin. Out side state subcribe 20 dollars year biweekly prints. link below from china wheat harvester walk behind two wheel tractor. BSC and Goudi two wheel tractor dealers are in us contact them be best help.

Here is a link that might be useful: wheat harvester

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