Echo Trimmer and Blower Maintenance

rock324September 30, 2013

I have the Echo GT-225 trimmer and PB-255LN blower. I have been reading a few things about how to keep them in good condition and working well in regards to the gas that is used. Few questions:
-Should I use ethanol free gas if it's readily available? Should I still add a fuel stabilizer to it? If so, I can just use the echo 2-stroke oil mix. Will this be the best option?
-Should I be doing anything to each to each after/before each use?


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Sooner or later Ethanol going to be all you can get most state maybe all are being mandated to only sell ethanol blends even in states that produce and process oil into gas, guess they have to ship in Alcohol, seem stupid to me?

If you can get ethanol free why not? The gas you burn IMO not the problem. The problem starts when the gas sets within the unit. Usually this IMO it time problem. Meaning problems with gumming/coking seems to appear about the two to five year internals. IMO ethanol gas the problem starts around the two year period and with ethanol free the problem starts around the 5 year period if not treated or maintained.

This can be avoided by utilizing fuel treatment additives and not allowing the unit to set too long without routine start and warm up. This burns the stale fuel out of the carb. and slows the coking (gumming) effect that plugs the tiny passages that causes the hard starting, off idle stalling, no WOT, or will not idle. The worse case would be the unit will not start at all.

As for the fuel 2 stroke mix I would use the manufacture brand at least till the warranty is out. After that IMO really don't matter as long as the mixture ratio is within manufacture spec's.

Bottom line IMO when the unit sets for couple months the gumming/coking problem starts Fuel treatment additives will prolong this for longer period, but if the unit sets months with gas in it you will have carb. plugging problems. So don't let it set long without routine warmup with fresh treated gas.

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