Electric Chain Saw Oil

1saxmanSeptember 13, 2011

I have a Craftsman electric chain saw that works great, but since I also have a gas saw it hasn't been used in years. I have forgotten what kind of bar oil it takes - regular bar oil or motor oil? Anybody have a clue?

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Sax either Sae.30 or light weight bar oil which ever is most convient will suffice for the elect. Model . I prefer light Bar Oil on all my Gas Power Saws.

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Thanks - sounds good - I didn't know there was light bar oil. In the interim, I remembered that I stopped filling the oil tank and just used a spray oil on the chain years ago for some reason. I guess I'll pick up some light bar oil tomorrow since I need some for the gas saw anyway. After the recent Hurricane, I used the gas saw more in two days than I had in my whole prior life.
I realized that the electric is very stealthy and great for small jobs. The neighbors (and I do it too) come out to see what's going down (joke) when they hear a gas saw fire up. The electric just sounds like some kind of power tool. :)

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Yep Sax it otherwise know as winter grade "light" as compared to the Medium or Heavy Grade Bar Oils offered. I find it is much better for anti fouling even on my Gas Stihl and Husky units. Have used it also on my neighbours elect stihl for tree limbing (pruning) with a extention pole.

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I have a Remington electric chain saw and I can't use
anything thicker than 30 wt. motor oil. The oiler is
a rubber thumb bulb, similar to the carb. primer
bulbs, but bigger. I made the mistake of using regular
bar oil when I first got it,(didn't read the directions), and it got all gummed up and I had a hell of a time getting it cleaned out.

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Ibpod: Regular Bar Oil is Medium Grade Sae 50 . Heavy is Sae 70 and they use to Sell Commercial Xtra Heavy 90 weight back in the late 60's. If you get some Winter Grade light Bar oil (30 weight) you will find it is much has better cling qualities , the premium brands have rust inhibitors added . Nothing wrong with straight 30 mineral oil , that is what I used back in the early 60's as specified by the Saw Manufacturers .

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I guess I'd have to go to a real small engine supply to get winter grade. They definitely don't have special stuff like this at local HD.

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Sax: I have purchased light grade at Walmart over the yrs. Otherwise you can find it at any Chainsaw Dealership , you pay more at the Dealers but as I said the Premium Grades do have performance additives .

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Hey, I scored some SAE30W bar oil at Wal Mart - great tip. I'm sure this will be great for the electric, and I'll use it in the gas saw for cold weather. I like to keep my gas saw ready to go during the winter - we have ice storms sometimes that can bring down whole trees, and power will most likely be out at that time.

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Sax: Good to hear Bro ! Yeah always a good idea to keep the saw ready for action in theFall and Winter mths. Lots of tree downages due to heavy winds and as you mentioned Ice and Sleet .

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