Old Troy Bilt Tiller

mechanicwannabeSeptember 29, 2009

A short story to start. My Grandfather had a Tory Bilt Tiller and I always wanted one, so I bought a Sears Tiller in March of this year. I know stupid. I used it once and it started leaking red fluid. The Sears people came out and informed me it should not even have "Red Transmission Fluid In It". Needed a new transmission. Took it back and started looking for what I wanted.

I just bought a Troy Bilt "Garden Way TH 1002" with a Model Number of "HH60 105079D" and Sr # "0316 06277". On the case that houses the Belt Systme that is cast iron is a number 17889.

Rember this is very dirty and some of the information might be a little off, but I am 95% sure I got it right. I have been told that it was a 6 horsepower from the 70"s. It is just like the one my Grandfather had. So excited. Better tha a red sports car to me.

It need help and so do I.

Here are the questions.

What is it?

Who made the motor?

Where do I get parts or a manual? The last thing I rebuilt was a motorcycle.

It leaks oil and the carb needs some work. I have been told in the winter to drain the gast and run it dry. Is this good? Need air cleaner and new cap for muffler. Cannot find grease fittings?

I need to change all the fluids as it has been sitty a while. It has a lot of drain plugs? What type of oil for the Crankcase and the Engine.

I really need a manual on how to rebuild this and identify parts.

Needs some paint. Do they make Troy Bilt Red somewhere?

Okay, I have milked this for all that it is worth. Right now I am a very happy old guy. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps or just reads this and has a little snicker. :)

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Steven Laurin & Company

I don't have any first hand experience with Troy-Bilt tillers - but own a Super Tomahawk chipper shredder. While searching for literature, I found links to most Garden Way Troy-Bilt machines issued.

Copy/paste the following links for PDF copies of a few manuals and parts lists for TB tillers. Perhaps at least some of it can be of use.





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Tecumseh 6HP (HH60) cast iron engine, no longer made. Take care of it.

On the left side of the transmission, is there a lever that has a label saying, "Engage" / "Disengage" ?? They came out around '82/83.

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I just restored one of that vintage this summer. It also has the HH60 Tecumseh cast iron engine. I had no problem getting parts (points,condenser,gaskets) at a local lawn and garden shop, but the parts are available on the internet,too. The carb was totally clogged with old,dried gas-this was a job to clean out.
The mainshaft in my tranmission had so much play in it that the seal at the front was almost gone. These mainshafts must be shimmed front and rear for correct amount of play-I got the shims from a 'net supplier.
There is a lot of controversy over the correct gear oil to use in the transmission-there are brass bushings and gears in there that might be attacked by GL-5 gear oils. I got gear oil from WalMart that specifically said it was safe for brass bushings.
I found a Rustoleum red that was real close to the old Troybilt red in spray cans at Lowes, and the same supplier as the shims had a correct 'Horse' decal for the hood over the tines. I have not found anyone that has the big decal with gear shifting instructions,though.

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Funny that you should mention the decal. My neighbor knew I was going to the factory in VT and asked me to pick one up for him and they gave it to me. They also gave me some other decals at the time that I think are up in the attic.

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I bought one because my father had one that he used for 35yrs. The main reason it is as good as it is is because my BIL maintained it. He hates the thing and has prolly replaced every moving part on it at least once.

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if you search this forum for troybuilt horse, you will find an approx. 35 followup thread started in 2005 that has much useful info including detailed transmission repair and links to any info you may need.

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I inherited an older Troy Bilt Tiller from my grandfather. It has a Kohler motor with these numbers on it:
Model No. K161T
Spec. No. 281181j

Serial No. 7383024
Can someone help me identify it and tell me what it's worth? I have no idea if it runs...he always took good care of his stuff. I tilted it forward and some fluid spilled out but I have never tried to start it. Please help. I can't find a model #.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Go to right wheel look over wheel on top transmission housing clean off machined surface there be your tiller serial number post here I lookup for you.

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I have an old, rebuilt 8 HP rear tine Tryo built. serial399837, Im wondering which model is it? it is a horse? I need to put transmission fluid in it!

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Whatever you do--DO NOT put regular transmission oil, fluid, automatic fluid, or engine oil in the transmission!!
Read thru the many posts on Troy-bilt Tillers, and read what is recommended to put in it! There are bronze bushings in the transmission that can be ruined, by putting in the wrong stuff!

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I have a TB Garden Way TH 1002 and am in need of a manual or diagram of the transmission/running gear.


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i have a old troy bilt tiller i do not know the year or model# seral#245701 it has part#s that start with 1001 1002 1003 est could you help please

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Year and month November 1976 back then model was Horse if someone asking for model number tell them its I are 1.

All the 1,000 number you see are casting numbers the mole. there no help when looking for parts

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