Choosing A Residential Zero Turn Radius Mower

exodusMay 30, 2007

I am having trouble choosing a zero turn radius mower. My lawn is about 2 acres and is relatively flat. I've been looking at the Toros and the new John Deere EZtraks. I'm thinking I need atleast a 48-50" deck and I want a ZTR that will last considering the cost. The salesman at the John Deere dealer is trying to talk me into a commercial ZTR such as the Hustler Easytrack but I'm not sure if I want to spend the extra money when it will be for residential use only.

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated.

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My neighbor has a SKAG. We all cut about 1 1/2 acres. He is done in less than 1/2 the time and there are no grass clippings that you can see. It is one sturdy machine. Best I've ever seen. Downside is it cost about $7K. Upside is it will probably last as long as 3 $2400 tractors and outcut all of them.

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Thanks richard48367. I did look at the Scag FreedomZ which is around $5k (I think). I know they are built to last, my problem is justifying spending a couple extra thousand to buy commercial. I've been telling my wife we'll need commercial if we plan to own 5-10 acres when we buy our next house.

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

I don't think you could go wrong with that new JD 425 EZ-Trak with 48" deck. Has the separate hydro pump and individual wheel motors, just like its JD commmercial series cousins. List price as you probably know is $3995.

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exodus-I am a john deere dealer and the 425 EZ trak does have pumps and wheel motors which makes it better, but all of the EZ trak JDs have paper thin decks. I have had several come back to me with decks bent and un harmed blades. Normally it is the other way around. If you want a a machine to last at a residential price you should check out an Exmark Quest 48"...$3999. You get a 4" deep commercial grade deck, 24 hp Briggs vanguard check us out at for other products and pricing thanks!

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I know what you are going through. I just went through all of that and ordered the Hustler Fastrak 48" with the honda motor. I paid 4949.00

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I too have been going back and forth between wanting a new tractor, or a ZTR.

I think I have decided upon the Troybuilt ZTR from Lowes with the extended warranty....unless someone sways me on my decision soon.


Here is a link that might be useful: 22-HP V-Twin 50

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pcpacker- I have looked at the Exmark Quests and I wasn't real impressed. I have heard good things about them, but I think they look cheap.

Sue- The troy-bilt looks nice and a great price with the 50" blade. I haven't heard much about their ZTRs so I'm going to find out more.


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I got the Scag Freedom Z 48-inch cut with Briggs ELS 26-hp and I love it. It used to take me almost four hours to cut my 2.5 acres with a Craftsman lawn tractor. I get done in an hour and 45 minutes with the Scag. The professional guys bash the Briggs, but I think it will work fine for my application.

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so how much is the freedom z?

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I think the Scag FreedomZ's are a little over $5k. I've been keeping my eye on one on ebay that only has 7 hrs on it. Right now, I am stuck between the hustle fastrack, the scag freedomZ, and the JD EZtrak. I found a JD Eztrak 445 for sale not far from where I live and the seller is asking $4400 which isn't bad since I wouldn't have to pay sales tax. Only has 2 hours on it, the guy is selling it b/c it did not perform well on his hills and slopes (I think all ZTRs are known for this). Still trying to decide if buying commercial is worth a little extra $ in my situation.

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sue! no troy!!! they make decent weed wackers, but they do NOT make good ZTurns or LT's...Like the man said for the money ya best bet would be the JD 445..Kawasaki engine not a B&S and more in line with the commercial grade. As the saying me now or pay me later..JD you won't have to shell out anything for quite a long time...

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I have an Everride Hornet ZTR with a 19hp Kawasaki. It seems to be extremely well built for a residential mower. It does a very professional job. I have seen a couple of commercial landscapers using Everride Hornets. I use it for about 3 acres. I bought it last year with about 10 hours from a dealer. The company currently has $1500 off the price of a new one with 1.9% interest. According to my experience so far I would definitely by it again. The only downside so far is a limited dealer network.

Here is a link that might be useful: Everride

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Get a used commercial ZTR with low hours. If it has under 1000 hours, it will last a lifetime on your couple of acres.

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wytrailboss(Zone 3)

Just bought a JD EZ Track 445 with a 54' deck!!. I mow a 40 acre campground in about 2 1/2 to 3 days. It mows great and the lawn looks terrific. Two days ago I mowed about 15 acres in about 5 hours. Yes the deck is not quite a tough as a person would like but it is a great mower for the price.

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I got a Woods MZ w/52" deck. This is the commercial version, however the residential version was certainly in the same ball park, quality wise. I believe the decks are the same. At least some of the Woods residential mowers have an on-board 110 volt generator. I believe it's part of the B&S engine they use. I'm guessing, the residential one can be had for $4k or under.

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Ended up purchasing the Hustler Fastrak with a 54" deck and the 20 HP Honda V-Twin. Very happy so far.

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Congrats on the new Hustler. I looked at those before recently buying my garden tractor, and they seem extremely well built. It should give you many, many years of service. Enjoy.

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Those are fine.
I noticed that Hustler offers a tow option (for a tow ball) and also what they call "flex'forks" for the front casters which they claim smooths the ride and may slighly inprove the cut.
The 20 hp Honda is a great engine. I love the fuel line switch
that allows you to switch to the other gas tank like it is an airplane with a reserve fuel tank.
I am looking for a nice used Hustler, preferably the super Mini Z, which at 13m.p.h., is about the closest one can come to cutting the lawn with a racing go cart.

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This is my first posting and thank all for their comments. I have 6-7 acres to mow with lots of trees. No hills with some slopes near creek which runs through property. My friend has dealership and has convinced me to buy commercial Hustler fast track 54" but he is 300 miles away. I live in north Texas area and there are no dealers within 40 miles of my place. What happens when there is a problem? I could buy cheaper machine from local Depot but like what I read of the Hustler.. But concerned over buying from store 300 miles away. Any suggestions?

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Tracktor, Thanks for the information. I was going to go with a Scag Tiger Cub, but when I read your post and found a dealer 40 miles from my home, I decided to check them out. I was blown away by the quality and deal they offered, I bought a Hornet with a 23HP Kawisaki. I couldn't be happier. Anyone who is in the same position that I was should check them out.

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I own a whole fleet of Hustler zero turn mower. They are by far the best investment I have made. I am nearly ready to purchase another commercial mower.

Here is a link that might be useful: zero turn mower - commercial mower

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