White fuzzies on the soil?

syrinth(5a)May 12, 2009

Ok, so I have strawberries in a pot that have been going through problems. First there were dark grey spots appearing on the leaves so I culled them. Then after the spots stopped appearing, some of the stems started withering until they could no longer hold up the plant, they too were removed.

Now I'm getting kind of grey/white fuzzy material on the soils surface *I can only assume it's a kind of fungus*

I think that I'd been over-watering the strawberries and they weren't getting enough sun to dry out the soil at the expected rate since every time I give them any water it runs straight to the drainage ditch. The crown was kind of exposed for a bit because during watering, I watered in that area sometimes and eventually the soil got compacted until the crown was a little above ground.

I assume that it's a dampness issue, but if anyone has any ideas it'd be wonderful.

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What is the soil these strawberries are trying to grow in like? How much organic matter is in that soil? What kind of life does that soil have in it? How well does that soil drain? How well does that soil retain moisture?
Strawberries prefer to grow in a soil well endowed with organic matter that is evenly moist but well drained. That you have some kind of fuzzy white "stuff" growing on the soil may indicate a soil that is too wet, since most fungi only grow well on, or in, wet soils.

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What you are describing are classic symptoms of blights associated with poor drainage or excess moisture. What type of potting soil are you using and how often are you watering? If your potting soil is overly saturated, as it appears to be, you may find it most efficient to repot with fresh soil and new plants, as the berries may be fully compromised by root rot. And cut back on the watering! Different potting soils will retain moisture at different rates so watering on any kind of schedule can create problems. Water only when the soil is dry down to length of your finger when you stick it in the pot.

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Miracle Grow Potting Soil, not sure how much organic matter is in it but it definitely seems to hold water better than I thought it did so I've stopped watering it for the time being and have it outside in the sun to dry out a bit.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

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