mantis - no spark

oldnorskieSeptember 19, 2011

i have no spark on my mantis tiller - it is the echo SV-4/B #291430. there is magnetism on the flywheel; a new coil assy with .012" gap; and a good spark plug grounded to engine metal. i need some ideas please. thank you.

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p.s. and the grounding wire is disconnected. thx

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Check the good spark plug on another engine. I've had bad plugs right out of the box. Also disconnect the ground wire at the coil to be sure it isn't grounding on the engine someplace.

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mla2ofus; thank you for the tip - it seems there are good plugs and there are "good" plugs. still bothers me that i couldn't see a spark at the plug gap. maybe hard to see on such a small engine? thx again, al

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OK, hope someone is around to help me...
I have reviewed all of the past post...
I have an older 2-cycle Mantis that I bought 2nd hand...
Serial 0032291
NO spark but has had normal running last year...
Pulled plug, grounded on motor block & no spark...
Bought a spark coil ($46.00) & still NO spark...
Used business card to set gap...
Bought a spark gap tool & NO spark...
Grabbed plug wire & NO spark...
My magneto has the 3 magnets on it...
The strong magnet is in the middle...
The first smaller magnet not quite as strong...
The right magnet has NO magnetism...
Could this be the problem??

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Did you get the âÂÂMonsterâ to give you a spark yet? If not, look at the info below or at the address below. We have to have a spark along with fuel and compression âÂÂas Basicsâ to run. I know the frustration, I have been there for 3 yrs on one project Echo (trying with each new until âÂÂI Got It For Fun And A LessonâÂÂ. The good part was I had Fire, Fuel, Compression, Idle but No Wide Open Throttle. Good Luck!

"There are only 4 parts to the 2-stroke Mantis ignition system: the spark plug, the "kill button", the flywheel with embedded magnets, and the coil with integral plug wire. There are no "points" to clean or refurbish. If you've tried a new spark plug, unplugged the wire leading up the handlebars, and the magnets on the side of the flywheel are strong enough to attract a screw driver blade, then it must be a bad coil. That's all it could be. End of story.

Cruising the internet I see where these Echo coils go bad all the time. You can order the coil, but if the machine hasn't run in several years the carb will also need cleaning. So one thing leads to another. The gear box grease also needs replacing each year. What I'm trying to tell you is these are disposable tillers and due to length of time, incomplete care/ storage, ....whatever, this one's time is up."


Here is a link that might be useful: No Spark

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There are a few basic checks for spark on these small 2 cycle engines. Make sure your spark plug cap has a good connection to the plug wire, you can cut back some of the plug wire sleeve to get a fresh contact on the wire. Also check the continuity on the magneto coil. Place your volt meter leads on the two wires from the coil and check for ohms. You want a low number if it reads very high or infinite then thats your problem.

Good Luck.

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