Excell Pressure Washer

tomdorrSeptember 12, 2010

I have a XR2500 that is about 8 yrs old and has done a good job. Last year the thermal valve blew and I bought a new one for about 30 bucks. I used it about 5 times and this one blew. On the web some parts schematics show a new model valve and some show a plug with the notation that the valve is no longer needed. Wondering is one is really needed. This one blew after about 30 seconds of no water running thru the hose. Seems a little "touchy" to me.


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Never run your pw with no water running through it or you will damage your pump as you experienced. The water coming in from the garden hose also cools the pump. If you let your pw run without pulling the trigger, the water gets hot. Once it reaches a certain temp, the thermal relief valve opens to let cooler water in. Same concept as the cooling system in your car except the thermal relief valve is the thermastat. If you run your car with no coolant or if the thermastat fails to open, it will overheat rather quickly.

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