Toro Timecutter uneven cut Help!

mcgeedisMay 29, 2010

I have a Toro Timecutter Z5000 and have been having problems with my cut recently. Actually, I seem to have had this problem after the first year of owning it...

This is my 4th season of owning this mower. It has tree blades on it and I change/sharpen the blades frequently and also regularly relevel the deck every month or so. I clean the deck also with the attachable hose add on.

The problem I am having is the mower leaves two 'mohawks" done the middle of the path that I leave behind me. Imagine the letter M if you were to look at the path from the ground. This is the best I could do for a visible representation:


I am at a loss on this and have resorted to going over my cut twice to give a good cut appearance. In order to save time and gas money, anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem may be? The blades don't appear to be bent. Could the spindles be bent? I'll admit - I have run over a large rock once that was hidden from my view, but the cut was pretty good after that. It just seems to be getting worse and worse as I mow.

I am thinking I may just pay a serviceperson to come out and figure out what the problem is. I just hate to have to spend that much money - I am pretty mechanically inclined and would prefer to take care of the problem myself if I could only identify the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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I would say that you don't have the correct blades on your deck. Let's say your deck takes 21" blades but you have 20" blades on it now. You will have that mowhawk look like you described.

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You might also check to be sure the cleaning is really cleaning between the blade paths and not leaving a triangle shaped clump which would create a fan effect and "blow" the grass down instead of sucking it into the blades. When you say that you are leveling the deck most decks should be about 1" higher (or more) in the rear also to help create the vacuum effect. Hope this helps.

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Are these the original blades? Or did you buy new blades. I had that problem years ago with Gator blades. Could be several things. Could you take some pictures of the mohawks. And the bottom of the deck showing the blades? Sport98 is correct. The deck needs to be level, and have forward pitch. I don't know about 1 inch. I have always heard, and used 1/4 inch. But you know I just might try a 1/2 inch to 1 inch just to see what happens. My guess is your blades are wore out, or short, or the wrong type, or the middle blade is upside down.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words!


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Thanks for the replies guys. I did elevate my mower and there were some triangle shaped clumps in the middle of the blades (between 1 & 2 and 2 & 3). I also saw that one of the blades was horribly damaged - I took it off and ground out the burrs, sharpened all the blades, and that seemed to help. I still don't have the most even cut though. I will try the advice of lowering the front of the deck some; that is something that I haven't done.

Happy mowing everyone!

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I am having the same 2-mohawk problem.

I have only just bought the mower brand new, and the dealer set it all up.

Did you ever resolve the issue?
please please help

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jamesed - take it back, let dealer make it cut right. that's what you paid for.

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Great advice. I think I'll try that myself. I have a friend that is having this problem with his 3-blade Craftsman riding mower (not the newest thing out there). I plan to look at it soon and was - without seeing it - ultimately thinking it's a blade problem, but the buildup and such makes sense too.

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Your blades are too short creating a gap between the blades. Buy longer blades so they overlap by about an inch. Doh

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***"Buy longer blades so they overlap by about an inch."***
Not good advice to follow at all unless you have a deck made for that.
First thing to find out is exactly what the blade length is supposed to be for your specific deck.
Then check to see if that is what is on there.
And beware.......blade length is measured on the diagonal from tip to tip........not on the flat ends of the blades.
The only decks that can actually use blades that "inter-mesh or overlap" are decks that have cogged pulleys with toothed belts to keep the individual blades "in time" or "in phase".
Due to belt slippage with standard Vee belts, overlapping blades will contact each other at some point (probably on the first running).

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It was a joke. Therefore the Homer Simpson DOH! All multi blade decks do this to some degree.

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"All multi blade decks do this to some degree."

another HS DOH ?

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I relish humor, especially on a hot dog.
But to post something which is completely unsafe advice, and then to semi-rescind it as humor pushing the envelope a bit much for this kind of forum.
You know where the OEM operator manual always states that you should wear gloves when handling the cutting blades??
Well, there are actual people out there that need to be told that in advance, however obvious or CYA it may seem.
And there are people who would read advice such as given for 1" overlap of the blade orbits and believe they were seeing the gospel.
I'm glad you retracted the statement with some clarification.
Everybody, have a safe and happy Independence Day here in the states, everybody some hot dogs and relish them :^)

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Well mownie i never wear gloves when handling blades. And guess what? my tractor cuts in reverse too. Thanks for saving so many lives in this gospel forum...

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Mownie, you gave the right answer, the problem is if people take it. Remember the tuff guy til he gets out of the car....

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