which one

dmoore66(6 NorthWest NJ)May 12, 2014

Only have room for one; fragrant cloud or perfume delight.
What do you think

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seil zone 6b MI

I'm not thrilled with my Fragrant Cloud. It's a beautiful color but the blooms blow so fast that I hardy get to see them before they're gone.

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If your in a black spot heaven zone, Fragrant cloud gets it really bad without clock work spraying. Gorgeous rose though.
Perfume delight should be a little more resistant from what i understand. I that helps a little!

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alameda/zone 8

I just got Fragrant Cloud this spring and planted it - bush looks great, the blooms are just gorgeous and smell divine - but like seil said, they don't seem to last long. I was disappointed that they were fabulous for a day or so, then on their way out. I had Perfume Delight a long time ago - seems like those blooms lasted longer. FC looks great next to a yellow rose and climber Royal Sunset with a dark purple clematis growing up the trellis......glad I have it.

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I grow both and would choose FC if I could only keep one. My FC is a beautiful bush...about 6 X 5 rounded with foliage and blooms from head to toe. PD is about 6 to 7 X 4 with leggy bare knees and blooms higher up on the bush. Neither is resistant to BS here, but PD is probably a bit better than FC in that respect. FC blooms almost constantly here...completely covers itself with blooms, and for some reason, mine don't blow quickly...must like my heat/humidity combo. PD, on the other hand, blooms in flushes with a bit of rest in between and the blooms fry fairly quickly in full sun (FC blooms will fade some, but never fry). Both are long lasting cut flowers...PD has much longer and stronger stems for cutting than FC. Both have huge bloom size, but PD is a much more formal looking bloom than FC.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Here is a picture of my Perfume Delight (grown in a pot.
I love the fragrance, and the blooms last a long time. I find that the blooms on PD have a thin white edging. I really like that.
I'm receiving Fragrant Cloud as a bareroot (expecting it any day). It'll be interesting to see how they compare for me, as we don't get very hot weather - so the blooms might last longer.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Here's a picture of Perfume Delight as a bush.

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I don't have experience with Fragrant Cloud, so I can't advise on it. I love the individual blooms of Perfume Delight, mine is not overly prolific though, it does seem to be fairly disease resistant, but I don't think it is the greatest rose for garden display. Your summers probably aren't as hot as mine, so perhaps it would be a better garden rose where you are.

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buford(7 NE GA)

FC is a bit fussy, but the blooms are beyond compare. I don't find that they don't last long. If you cut them when they just open and bring them inside, they can last a long time (I do put them in the fridge at night). To me, the color is amazing and the flower form, as well as the scent. I have plenty of other fragrant pink roses, but not many salmon ones.

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bunnicula03(z6b NJ)

I live in NJ, like you, but along the coast. Fragrant Cloud is one rose I wouldn't be without. The flowers are just gorgeous, and the bush is strong and grows well. Except it does get blackspot here, so I have to spray regularly. If it does defoliate badly due to my lack of diligence it comes back fairly well in the fall. Perfume Delight, though pretty, is not a "must have" for me. My other "must have" that I have to baby through blackspot is Just Joey. I'll do what I can to keep it going in my garden.

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dmoore66(6 NorthWest NJ)

Thanks everyone.
Doesn't sound like either is great.
Didn't buy either, bought Francis Meilland instead!

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