Drake Elm Tree (north central Florida)

peabody1March 10, 2013

I posted this in the Florida forum, but thought I would post here to. Our problem was that our grass was being killed every year by the cold weather. We told the landscaper our problem and he planted two Drake Elm trees about 3 years ago. Every year they lose their leaves going into winter so that there is no canopy to protect the grass. Is this normal for Drake Elm? Did he select the wrong type of tree to protect our grass?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what kind of grass???

and is it really killed.. or just browns out for winter.. as in zosia.. or however it is spelled??? .. which greens back up in spring????


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The tree is only semi-evergreen in the southern part of its range. If your grass is "dying" in winter, then clearly it is too cold to retain leaves in winter.

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