Poulan Chain saw won't stay running

shad9876September 16, 2008

I have a Poulan Chain saw Timbermaster model 3500. I haven't used it for a couple years, so I cleaned the carburetor, changed the plug, new mixed fuel, etc...

It will crank right up, but will only run for a few seconds then just dies. When it is running for the few seconds it sounds fine, no sputtering or popping and no smoking. But then it just dies. I can pulse the throttle trigger and nurse it along to run a little longer, but it still dies.

Any ideas???

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I would first suspect Cracked fuel lines or weak diaphram in the carb. outside chance the carb is adjusted too lean when it starts to warm up. Might try 1/8 turn CCW on the high jet.

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I looked the lines over and they look good, but I can't say for certain that they are. The inside of the carb looked great, even though I had expected it to be gummed up, etc... but it wasn't. Any way to test for a weak diaphram?

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Is that the model that has the fuel line going up through the handle with no primer bulb??? Not really other than looking for stiffness or tiny crack, I throwed old ones in and they worked and looked just like the one I took out, I don't know if that fixed it or not based on how the diaphram looked? You didn't mention anything about carb out of adjustment. I take it you already tried to richen it up alittle already????

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Just double checked the lines and they are good, no cracks or leaks. I also tried adjusting the High jet and no difference. Where can I get a kit for the carb?

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This model does not have a primer bulb, but the lines don't run inside the handle. They come striaght up out of the fuel tank and to the carb.

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It's and older saw, probably has a Walbro carb. (which is good usually they can be rebuilt easily if you worked on carb. before) You need to get the number off the carb. (WT then some numbers). Any Small engine repair shop or some old town hardware stores can get kits. or you can go online get one. Cost will be 4.99 to about 8.99 probably. The phone book for Poulan dealers is a good place to start.

you can also go online to sears parts and enter the model number, they will have a break down of your saw (I dought they will have a carb. kit? but maybe. Need to get the "358.252630"-1.8/10 is mine number. Mine says for my carb it's a WT-3 walbro carb.

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Yep it is a Walbro carb. The only numbers I can find on the carb are 21-263 4-1.

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That don't look familar to me. Look on the main body stamped on the side should start with WT, Maybe a WT21????

I'll try to post a walbro site that shows the breakdown of most common walbro carb. http://www.aerocorsair.com/id27.htm I think it shows where the ID numbers will be...

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hear is a better site and breakdown IMO. http://tech.flygsw.org/walbro_tuneup.htm

or just google walbro and you will get plenty of sites.

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