Craftsman Garage Door Opener- will only program one remote

akmcmastersSeptember 10, 2006

We purchased our Craftsman garage door opener in 1999. It worked fine for the first few years, then one of the remotes stopped working. When we reprogrammed the remote, the outside door opener stopped working and so did the 2nd remote. We reprogrammed the door opener and then neither remote would work. After a lot of similar programming circles... we can only get one remote device working at a time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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It sounds like one of your remotes has reverted to an earlier technology. If you can program one of the remotes and the keypad then you need to discard the other remote and purchase a new one.

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I have a similar problem. I can program one remote and the keypad. The other remote won't program. Then I reset the GDO, and I can program the other remote and the keypad. But never both remotes at the same time. First problem I've had with the GDO in 10 years.

Why would this mean that one of the remotes went bad? I thought it was a problem with the GDO?

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So I just went and tried it all again. Now I sort of agree. One remote will let me program both itself and the keypad, but the other remote once programmed in will not let me program in either the other remote or the keypad. So I guess the theory is that the first remote is setting the frequency in the GDO that all other remotes must use. If one remotes radio has wandered off frequency enough due to age, it can lock out the other remotes if it is programmed in first. I guess I need to go get a new remote to test this theory?

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I have the same problem. Did any 1 find any answer to fix it.

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My problem is I can program either the key pad or a remote by totally resetting the code only. Nothing will program the way the instructions say to. Any ideas?

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I have Craftsman door opener model # 139.186006 and my remote control is broken, and I bought the remote from Sears, one button craftman, model: 139.18790B(Remote model) as per the instruction I should press 'learn' button or SRT button in the door opener unit, but I don't see those button in my door opener unit(motor), I see dip switch number from 1 to 9 and some twist for fast and slow pull up.. in front I see only light bulb again no switch there.. does any one how to program this? and where the learn or srt button is but I don't see any thing in the mounted unit..

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I have the same problem. My battery went dead in one remote. I can only get 1 remote re-programmed. I tried resetting the frequency (holding the red button for more than 10 seconds). I can re-program either remote at will using this method, but not both. Also my keypad entry will no longer work. Does anyone have a solution. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I was able to program 3 remotes and a keypad with no problem. The key is to program all transmitters and keypads one right oafter the other so be prepared with all transmitters and have someone near the keypad while you are on the ladder by the back of the garage door opener.

1. Press red button on back of garage door opener until it flashes

2. Press 1st transmitter button you want to program, you will hear a click (you can then make sure it works, it should)

3. Press red button on back of garage door opener 1 time quickly

4. Press 2nd transmitter button you want to program, you will hear a click (you can then make sure it works, it should)

5. Press red button on back of garage door opener 1 time quickly

6. Press 3rd transmitter button you want to program, you will hear a click (make sure it works)

7. Press red button on back of garage door opener 1 time quickly

8. Enter code on keypad and press enter, you will hear a click (repress code and enter on keypad to make sure it works)

The end, they should all be programmed. The trick is to do all the transmitters and keypads one right after the other, otherwise by pressing the red button too long it cancels out all the codes and only allows one to be programmed. If you have problems email me at

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i have a garage opener with remote model# 139.53753, the remote open and closes the door fine, but there are 2 other buttons on the remote does not work. as far as I know one of the button turn on and off the light and the other one lock out the button, does anyone know why the other 2 buttons does not work?


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I tried as you suggested, only one will work. Here is a play by play of what I did.

1. Press the red button, little light comes on
2. I press the remote and I hear a click and the light flickers on/off
3. I press the red button again, little light comes on
4. I press the 2nd remote and nothing happens. The little light stays on.

I had this working a few months back. had to change the battery on the "Craftman" remote, the end.

Hardware List
Garage Door Opner - Craftman
1 Remote is Craftman
1 Remote is Chamberlain

Any help is appreciated


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I recently tried programming a Chamberlain Universal Garage Door Remote to my Craftsman GDO. It works, but now the original Craftsman remotes don't work. (The premium control console works as well) I tried reprogramming the Craftsman remotes, but it doesn't seem to work but the Chamberlain remote works. I read something about rolling codes vs. billion codes and the remotes converting. Is that what happened? Is there anyway I can get the original Craftsman remotes to work again or do I need to buy new remotes?

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You are most likely right about the two technologies and they won't work with each other. Try holding the smart/learn button in for 6 seconds. That will erase the memory of the opener and none of the remotes will work. Then program the opener by holding the button down on the remote and then pressing and immediately releasing the smart/learn button. Do this for each of your original remotes.

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Hi. I had a battery go out in an original Craftsman remote. I replaced with a new battery, then followed the directions to program it exactly as described in the manual, after first clearing memory. The remote was identified by the receiver on the motor and "clicked" as stated in the manual. But when I click the remote, nada. The door will not open. Anyone have any ideas. This unit was from '98, installed by the previous owner.

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My opener stopped accepted more than one remote code at a time. I have three remotes. When I zero out the opener and program any one of them I can operate the opener. When I attempt to program a second one it will not program. The comments I have read on this focus on the remotes. However, all of the evidence points towards the circuit board in the opener. Does anybody know of a site where 1999 type of opener circuit boards can be purchased?

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If any one of your remotes work the logic board is working. You need to buy a new remote with the same model number and you should be able to program the opener with the new remote and at least one of your old remotes. A process of elimination will work for you.

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Lost a Sears Remote and replaced with a "New" one and had the same problem. (Only one would work at a time.) Thanks to this thread I purchased a Liftmaster 971LM for 1/3rd the price of the Craftsman. It took literally 5 seconds to program it and it doesn't conflict with other remotes. Sears is absolutely clueless about this and tried to have someone come out for "service" when all that's needed is the correct remote!

Here is a link that might be useful: Liftmaster 971LM

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This problem is actually related to Chamerlain's garage door remote encoding system changes in past 30 years.

Chamerlain made a complicated receiver to support all encoding system, but with one limitation, only one format is supported at a time. ( from 8002U manual )

I guess that's why only one remote is supported happen.

Here is a link that might be useful: garage opener remotes encoding - Chamberlain

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I have a craftsman garage door opener with the purple learn button. When I push it to get it to learn a keypad or an opener the light will come on but it will not start flashing. My other opener flashes like it is suppose to. Does that somehow mean my opener is bad or is there something I can do to fix the problem? In other words, I don't think my learn button is working and want to know if my opener is toast or can it be fixed by me? Thanks

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