B&S Intek Snow - will not start

nysffSeptember 9, 2010

I've got a 1960's Ariens snowblower that I got from my father that I re-powered with a 7.5HP B&S Intek Snow (12D413-0017-E1) back I think in 2004. It ran beautiful for a 04, 05, and 06 winter seasons. We moved and for a couple years it sat. I always run my small engine equipment dry of fuel before seasonal storage. I tried to start it last winter, but didn't have any luck so I used the shovel. I'm trying to get it ready for this season. Before I dig in, any comments on what most likely happened? It was stored indoors (in my father's garage in fact) and I don't see any critter activity or anything like that.

Also, just for troublshooting info, the shut-off wire that runs to the plastic "key" - if I take the plastic shroud when I'm working to get it started, do I have set up the shround with the wire attached to switch with key in, or is possible that the wire loose and not connected is in the "on" position? Thanks much in advance.

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canguy(British Columbia)

Disconnect the wire to the key switch, it grounds the ignition unless the key is inserted.
"We moved and for a couple years it sat." There is the problem. The fuel system was not completely dry, the remaining fuel has turned to varnish. Thoroughly clean the carb, replace the fuel lines, put in fresh gas and she should fly..

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Thanks canguy. I kind of figured it's got to be fuel related, but I thought I would see what some of the pros think before get started. Running it "dry" really isn't completely dry I guess, especially after 2-3 yrs. Thanks again.

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nys: Yeah drain the old fuel out check for fuel filter and if req'd replace otherwise just add some concentrated fuel cleaner within the fresh fuel and let it sit for 20-30
minutes . As CG says it should fly when refired . If not try spraying some carb cleaner within the carb venturi to enduce ignition and maintain idle with small squirts of carb cleaner until the fuel mix additive takes over and removes the varnish and gumming to allow proper idle and throttle response. You may not have to dismantle the carb completely for through cleaning if your lucky .

Note: Never much believed in the plastic key deterents , always removed mine also . Any thief is going to disconnect them anyways lol .

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Thanks ewalk. I gave it a try this weekend, but no luck. It will run on carb cleaner and I tried those small shots just to keep her going, but without the cleaner, nothing there. I know I have fresh fuel making it to carb, I ran clean gas through the tank out the fuel line to a can and made sure the shut-off valve was working. Looks like I'm going in that carb.

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Well 2-3 yrs and the varnish and gumming can be quite hard and substantial. Shutoff the fuel supply valve if available otherwise pinch off the fuel supply line with a small pair of vise grips. Then Carefully removed the float bowl and check the inlet valve . gently depress and pull needle valve . If no fuel enters then you will have to remove the float and needle valve and carefully clean the orifice with a very small tag wire or carb cleaner and compressed air. You may also require to clean the other carb circuits which may also be gummed up . Sometimes removal and soaking the carb is required in very stubborn cases. In the future remember to use a fuel stabilizer when storing and a dose of cleaner conditioner during 1st seasonal refueling . Hope you can restore the carb if not bring the unit to your local repair shop most have a ultrasonic cleaning unit for stubborn carb cleaning requirements.

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Didja check the breather hole in the gas cap? What a wonderful place for a little bug to lay an egg, which wouldn't be disturbed until spring. That hole being plugged has made lots of work for lawn mower repair shops!

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