Leafblower fuel lines connections

paul_60September 6, 2010

I have a Craftsman Blower/Vac model 358.794963 that started leaking gas out onto the housing. Took it apart..separated the two halves and found a leaking fuel line. Its clear tubing. Anyway I disconnected the lines at the carb and pulled the gas tank out too. There was a small fitting that was in the gas tank that apparently fell from its hole it the tank.I cut out the bad part of the cracked line and coupled it back together and reassembled everything. The primer bulb now works backwards, when you prime the bulb goes void and blows into the tank thru the pick up filter. Heres the interesting part, I can actually hold the unit upside down and the primer works! It will fire right up and run untill the gas is burned from the line and bulb then quit. I thought the lines were re-connected backwards but double checked. The fitting that was in the tank was the one I used for the line coupling. There a hole in the tank for something..so I pushed the purge line into it, it was a snug non leak fit and the small fitting didn't fit it correctly. Does the feed line (one with the filter at the end) and the purge line both need to be immersed in gas to operate properly? The small "fitting" I keep referring to is actually very small and looks like a coupling for two same diameter lines. Sorry for the long wind.

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Oftentimes on Poulan equipment(which is what you got here, 358 is Sears vendor code for Poulan), the small coupling fitting is on the end of the return line, inside the tank, ostensibly to prevent the return line from pulling out.
I would use all new lines and it helps to have enough fuel in the tank such that the fuel filter is completely immersed.

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And sometimes there will be a coupler fitting in the line between the tank and carb.

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Thanks glenam, it will be the weekend before I can tear back into it but will check what you suggested.

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