Generic Tecumseh carb questions

andyma_gwSeptember 2, 2011

It is HM100 159230K s/n 3188D The last 2 digits of the model may be wrong. The engine is on a Coleman 5KW genset. I tagged its last refresh 6/15/05 since then I thought that I had fried the generator due the loud hum it gave off when I plugged it into a live 220 v line. back in '06. Doh! I assumed I blew it up. But after being without electricity and running water for 5 1/2 days and there is already another TS brewing, I decided to fish or cut bait with the Coleman. I dragged it out of the shed into the afternoon shade. I took off the air filter and poured a 1/4 cup of gas down the carb. It lit and died several times before I got it going. This is a recoil start 10hp. I brought the piston up and gave it a good yank. It fired. I had it putting out 850 watts and running a toaster a while later. So it seems to be working?? Running rough as the dickens. When I shut it off gas streams out of the the carb. Needle + seat, float troubles. The float sloshed when I shook it and who knows what the seat looks like after 5 yrs of sitting. So is the brass float fairly universal in Tecumseh carbs. What are the my chances that I can get the parts from my local fix it guy/ Ariens, Stihl, dealer? All this came out after 5 PM, so I'll make some calls on Saturday. I even have a plan B for the engine, should the gen be bad.

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Yes, the float on Tecs- one fits another unless it is a Walbro carb. Now, the brass float was replaced with a plastic one. Aftermarkets are brass and work soso. If all you can find is aftermarket N/S kit, also buy a Briggs 398188 kit and use that seat as the aftermarket seats bite.

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Fred's Fix it shop for the parts. A carb kit , plastic float and a new fuel line. I had to adjust the float and mess with the main jet a little after I got it running. Then I conducted a rough load test. I used a 6' 120 AC baseboard heater and the heating element from an old dryer. With both plugged in, the dryer coils glowed red. So it is putting out good amperage. 120 is rated for 41.7 AMPs and the 240 is 20.8 The genset is about 25 yrs old and has less than 50 hrs on it. I should be able to run the fridge , the well pump and the oil burner so I'm happy and better prepared for the next outage

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Cool beans!

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