Young Baobab help!

Greenish_ThumbsMarch 1, 2014

I have a year-and-a-half-old Adansonia Digitata that I grew from seed. It has never gone dormant before, so when it started losing its leaves, I was not too worried, though I kept a close eye on it. I stopped watering it at the first signs of yellowing. All the leaves but three have fallen off, and the last three don't look like they have any plans to fall off soon. Did I misdiagnose the leaves falling off? Is this plant struggling to stay alive while I keep its soil bone dry? It's been weeks with only three otherwise healthy leaves. Should I continue to not water it, or am I safe giving it a little? Will it pull out of the half-dormancy it's in if I water it? I was really hoping to uproot it and hang it for a couple of months so that it can remain dormant until spring at least. I'm just not sure where to go from here.

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i would ask on the cactus / succulent forum, more adansonia growers over there. What is the mix it is planted in? I think they need something extremely gritty. It looks pretty good otherwise.

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Thanks ,I didn't think about posting on a succulent forum. The mix it's in is about 50% succulent soil and 50% sand. It drains well and I've never had root rot to my knowledge. The thing actually flourished this past year. I had to cut it back substantially. Thanks for the advice. I'll post over by the cactus folks.

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Can they be kept small for a long time? I guess bonsai is possible? I am asking questions instead of answering, but after seeing the big ones, it's hard to imagine them staying small.

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