Best hammer?

phainoSeptember 10, 2011

I would like to buy my husband a hammer as a gift. While it has sentimental meaning, I would also like for it to be very functional. I have been doing some research online and need some help determining what would be the best choice in terms of brand and weight. Price is not really an issue. He is not a professional carpenter, but does lots of projects around our house, so something very high quality, attractive, and versatile would be best. So far, I have read positive things about Estwing, Snap-on, and Dalluge titanium hammers.....

Thanks in advance for any input!

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I have a hammer my wife bought for me 30+ years ago, except for where our dog tried to eat the handle it is still a good hammer. I think she got it a J.C. pennys.

He will like any quality hammer, just get the style and size he likes. Its the thought that counts.

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I've had a great old hammer for nearly 60 years. Unfortunately, I don't know the brand. I broke the handle out, so I had to replace that. Then I broke one of the claws off, so I replaced the head. I haven't had real good luck with the handles, and had to replace the head a couple of times, too. But it's a really great hammer!

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