Bark-stripping mystery animal. What should I do? (with pictures)

viche(7a MD)March 5, 2010

Well actually the pictures are over in the Bird forum:

I posted there, trying to figure out what type of animal had stripped the bark off 10 to 15 .5" to 1" diameter branches to build a nest in my 30+ ft little leaf linden.

In the end, we came down to two possibilities. The bark was either used by a Grey Squirrel to build a nest on the base of an old bird nest, or the bark was used as the inner lining of an American Crow's nest.

Either way, I was wondering what I should do. Do I need to remove the remainder of the nest to discourage further bark stripping? Should I try to get rid of the animal? Will just pruning those branches be enough? The tree is very dense and wouldn't suffer from pruning. It must have 500-1000 branches that size. It does suffer from aphids in the summer, which I've not gotten completely under control, but it seems otherwise very healthy.

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Are you sure those weren't dead branches to begin with? From what I can see, the damage is not life threatening to the tree.

Here is a link that might be useful: Your link

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Looks very minor twig damage-dieback from here. Trees tolerate much worse than that.


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viche(7a MD)

I think the branches were alive. I don't know that I'd call them twigs. Some of them are up to 8 feet long. There are approximately 20 stripped branches now that I look. Also, the tree is more like 35 - 40 feet tall. I think it's 20 years old.

I agree that it shouldn't hurt the tree too much, but I'm jsut wondering what I should do.

Do I need to prune off all those branches? What a pain. I would definitely require a ladder or some tree climbing.

Would you guys try to reduce the chances that the animal will do this to another 20 branches next time? If so how?


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