gator_rider2, Did you ever rate the HP on log splitters

loger_gwSeptember 26, 2011

1. gator_rider2, Did you ever rate the HP on log splitters that you built? If so, what formula or etc did you use? My splitter is doing more than I ever expected and feel it would be rated 12-16 tons from charts and info I have seen. This is an interest vs a need. I guess my need is getting a filter in the system and a rate to charge my friends that need wood split at my expense (250.00 on the seal rebuild and the cost of a filter and etc) LOL.

2. Your example: Take pressure times bore size = total divided by 2,000 = tonnage. Like 3 1/2 inch bore times 2,000 psi = 7,000 divide by 2,000 = 3 1/2 tons. Seems similar to my unit but my unit will split 12"-16" dia oak wood w/o a hesitation.

3. How would I figure the tonnage if the cyl is 4" dia(3.5" inside), 24" long, and a 2" piston? Pump's #1300356 led me to it being a Haldex, gear type, 3,000 psi discharge, 11.000 GPM low flow (is this flow a lot and correct?). I'm seeing approx 2,000 psi of line pressure splitting 12-16" dia oak. My splitter is simular to the H16 Ramsplitter in this thread (close to the top).

4. Would you think I have 12-16 ton unit and need to ck my figures again (since I know it does a good job on 12-16" dia oak wood (green or seasoned)? I Hope You Are Well And Thanks In Advance! loger

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