Lawn Edger : McLane 801 4.75 GT or McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch Honda Gas

mtom01September 9, 2012

I would like to get a good edger for home use, I have lots of edging to do, I'm tired of using my trimmer.

I looked in amazon and seems that there are good reviews for all three below Mclain Edger:

1. McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger--$650.00

2. McLane 801 4.75 GT/3.5RP 9-Inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger With Ball Bearing Wheels - $330.00

3. McLane 101 9-Inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger _ $300.00

Am I paying too much for McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger because it's carb compliant and with a Honda Label. The price is steep....I was a kind of taken back when saw this price.

Anyway I'm looking for something which is very easy to start and reliable.

Are there any othe brands that are reliable, or which of the above three would one prefer.

Thank you

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I think either the 101 or 801 would be a good homeowner choice for an edger at a reasonable price Personally, I would go for the 801 as it has larger wheels and a larger frame, for only $30 more.

Interestingly, the 101 is $300 on Amazon vs. $430 list from McLane; the 801 is $330 Amazon vs. $524 from McLane. However the 4G-7-P-9 (Honda GX120) sells on Amazon for full McLane list of $650. CARB compliance doesn't figure with Honda, as all of their engines meet 50 state emissions requirements. With other makes, there are 49 state and CARB engines, and often the CARB engines cost more.

For home use I don't think the $200 or $300 delta for the Honda can be justified. It's a great engine, but you're not likely to put more than 25 to 50 hours per year, particularly in the Northeast. If you maintain the Briggs and treat it right, it should last virtually forever.

Personally I use a Little Wonder 6232 which also has the Honda GX120. Great edger, but I bought it second hand and could never justify the $750-$800 price of a new one. I also think highly of Power Trim, which I used to use when living in Los Angeles. However, the Honda versions (300-H and 308-H) are also north of $750. I also owned a series of McLane edgers when I lived in LA, and found them to be capable, but not quite as good as Little Wonder or Power Trim for professional use.

BTW, the higher price of the McLane/Honda is due partly to the Honda name, and partly because the seller on Amazon is not discounting at all.

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The 801 in Amazon as you said makes sense. I would love to get the one with the Honda engine but the premium you have to pay is just insane.

I plan to check in Craigs list for Little Wonder 6232, I found one in ebay, but they wont ship it.

How good are the Craftsman edgers - Craftsman 158cc 4 Cycle Gas Edger- $288.00

Sears Item# 07177246000 : Model# 77246

Thank you.

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The Sears edger is a POS. It uses a vertical shaft engine like a rotary mower, and twists the belt 90 deg to go the the cutter head. MTD and Swisher came out with this design about 10 or 15 years ago to have a much cheaper price point. Run away from it. If money is a problem, get the $300 McLane 101. I still think the McLane 801 is the best value proposition.

A used Little Wonder does make sense, although a Honda powered 6232 will bring a much as $400 if clean and low hours. I was able to "steal" mine for less than $200 on Craigslist and got out of Dodge before the seller could change his mind. I'd also keep my eyes open for a clean 6032 or 6002 with a Briggs engine. You live in PA, and they are made in Southampton, PA so will be fairly common on Craigslist. If you can make it until fall without an edger, you'll have six months to scout Craigslist and Ebay for an edger by the time grass starts growing again in the spring.

Although the Honda GX120 is the gold standard, don't sell the Briggs short for homeowner use. If properly maintained, it will last 20 years. Like any engine, this includes regular oil changes, winterizing the fuel (Stabil or similar), and periodic tune ups.

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