Honda HHT31 trimmer choke and loss power whan gas!!

yungmanSeptember 8, 2008

I bought a new Honda HHT31S less than a years ago, and I only have about 20 hours on it and I change oil and maintain it. Recently it start to loss power and want to die when I gas it. Usually it was well warm up before it happened. I was trimming along and it started after about 10 minutes. Symptoms are:

1) Choke and loss power when I pull the trigger.

2) Moment I release the trigger, it idle very smooth. I check the choke was in open/run position.

3) I loosen the gas cap to make sure no back pressure.

4) I check spark plug and it looked normal, like how it look all along. I have only 20 hours on the trimmer.

5) I fill up the gas tank to make sure it get gas, and I check the gas filter was at the bottom, no chance of not getting gas.

6) I wash the air filter ones and put oil on it(wet type). I check and it is a little oilly. I don't think it would matter and besides it ran good for a while before happen.

7) I ALWAYS put clean gas. I make sure no dirt got in.

I did not change the gas filter cause I don't have one in hand. But it's only 20 hours and I always have clean gas. Gas is always within one month, 91 octane and I put Stabil all the time.

What could be the problem? I think I cover all bases except a new gas filter. Could it be the carb??? I don't think is ignition because when I release the trigger, it idle very smooth. It is still under warrante, but I would like to take a stab at it first.


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do not fool with the unit or it will void the warranty

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masiman(z7 VA)

Great help mowerman, lol.

I'm not sure what kind of air filter it is but it does sound like an air/fuel mixture problem.

Simple way to check if it is not getting enough air is to try throttling it without the air filter on. Of course only do that in a "clean" environment to avoid sucking things into the engine.

If not that, maybe a carb adjustment, but that does not seem the likely culprit.

After that it would be beyond me, but maybe some sort of crankcase leak.

There are others much better than me at diagnosing engine problems. Probably the 14 year old kid around the corner or his little sister, lol.

So what is your recommendation on that Honda trimmer?

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stinkytiger(z5 - z6)


I have a Honda HHT31S trimmer. 3 Years now and very reliable. My guess, and it is only a guess is that maybe one of the throttle setting screws on the carb cable has got a little loose. Check page 28 of the manual. Try tweeking that. Maybe when you gas it, you are pushing the air valve a little too far. Hence too much air, not enough fuel hence works great at idle and not so great when you pull that throttle cable.

As a quick check, try pulling the throttle halfway OK there? then like 90% of the way, OK there? If it is, seems like a minor tweak to the throttle cable adjustment nut might do the trick.

The other issue, less likely is OLD petrol. I always use a fuel stabilizer addative like STABIL, available at Home Depot. Red in color, looks like cough medicine. It could be that if you have not use your trimmer in a while, the fuel gummed up some of the carberuttor jets.

Best, Mike.

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Thanks guys for the help.

I posed in another site also. This and together with the feedback from the other site confirm my suspicion, the problem is most likely in the carb. It is under warrante, I just took it to the dealer already.

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Did you ever figure out the problem? I have an HHT31s that is doing the exact same thing...I've been working on it and found nothing obvious. Thanks in advance..Jason

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Wow: Yung and Mas ! What happened ! Low & High Speed Jet Restrictions all the Way Baby !

Stinky: You were the closest as to Main Jet and Secondary Fuel Circuit Fouling ... Don't Yeah Love it ! We have all Been There :)

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