Prune Crape Myrtle

gigim(8A SC)March 21, 2014

Just planted this semi dwarf Acoma crape myrtle. One fork of one of the main branches is rubbing against one of the other main branches, is it ok to prune now? Also, I have done alot of looking at how to prune a CM online but the question I have is WHEN. Can I "tidy" this one up now or should I wait until next year? I promise not to commit "crape murder" . Oh and BTW, it may not look like it but it IS planted 5 feet away from both walls in anticipation of a 10 foot spread. Thanks for any advice.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Do it now.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

5 feet from what the plant is now ... or on center ... it looks really jammed in there.. to me.. based solely on that pic ...

expose the root flares ... also ...

yes.. do it now.. do you know how??? if not.. ask


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'Acoma' has white flowers right? You made a great choice since the other colors would get lost against the red brick.
Now to answer your question, take a 24" stake and pound it in the ground at an angle. Run a line from the stake to the stem and pull it away so it doesn't rub, no pruning needed.

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gigim(8A SC)

Ken- I figured a 10 foot spread meant 5 feet in all directions (like a circle around the tree, 5 feet out) I made sure there was 5 feet of open space in all directions from center (brick wall behind and lattice work on right). Isnt this correct? I know it does not look like it is that 5 feet away from the walls but it is, I promise.
Expose the root flares, got it. Will take care of that today. Will mulch soon - keep away from root flare as well?

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