Does anyone use Renegade Blade Carbide Tipped blades?

gardenmachinery22September 16, 2013

Hello all,
Does anyone use those Renegade Blade Carbide Tipped Blades sold by on your brushcutter and if so what's your experience with them in regards to dulling quickly,broken/shattered teeth and vibration issues?
Cause i'm looking at buying the 2pk of blades so i can use them on my Jonsered GT32l 32cc heavy duty line trimmer/light brushcutter.
Are they worth the cost?

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If those are the blades noted at $30+ then they may or may not be worth the cost. I'm not questioning the blade construction or even cost so much as the feasibility of turning such a heavy blade at high rpm on your particular machine (which I'm not familiar with at all).
While length of cutting time while staying sharp is one of carbide's great virtues, the material does not take sharp blows well should you hit an immovable object such as rocks or metal fencing. Carbide can also be sharpened but it's not cheap to do so and your average lawnmower type repair shop is unlikely to have the right stones.
Vibration should be no better or worse than any other circular blade.

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Cost is the reason that I decided to go cheap. 6 years ago the area where we live was woods, Our house is just five years old. The soil seems to be composed of clay and quartz. This does not consider the tree roots that periodically appear in the yard. It is not if I hit a stone or root, it is when.

WIth cheap blades I can grind the nicks out and sharpen them a couple of time, then throw them away. If I had paid three or four time the cost of the cheap one it would be more of a financial loss.

PS the last time I got rid of a set of blades the Recycling company would not take them as they did not consider the iron to be recyclable.

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