Grip Assist Gloves

slaingodOctober 26, 2011

Does anyone know if there are any grip assist gloves out there? Basically I am looking for something that helps squeeze the handles and in particular the trigger of handheld lawn tools like a trimmer or blower. So less stress is placed on the muscles of the hand.

I've googled all over and can't find what I'm looking for. Pre-curved is the closest I've found, but nothing that has say plastic or metal strips embedded in the glove that help add some pressure when squeezing and that you have to actively work to unflex/straighten the hands.

For safety reasons, I'm not talking about a lot of extra squeeze force, just enough that a light additional squeeze from the hand lets you control things more easily.

I've looked at motorcycle gloves too, where I know there is a similar issue with long-term squeezing causing clenching problems, but haven't found anything or don't know where to look.


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There are more different gloves than you can shake a stick at. Northern Safety is one place to start looking.

I have seen gloves with stainless steel wire woven them, But I dont like the idea of steel being in a glove. The ones I saw were used in the meat-cutting business.

I have several different types of "Gripping" gloves. The last ones I bought were at Ace Hardware.

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Just to be clear, I am not asking about anything that relies on friction. Yes there are plenty of gloves out there that help you 'grip' things by increasing the static coefficient of friction between your hands and the object, but they do not help you squeeze a trigger for instance.

I am asking about something different: Gloves that help you squeeze. Either the whole fist or the trigger finger.

This could be done in a number of ways, like a plastic spine or steel spine in the fingers that were 'pre-curled' into a fist shape. Or some sort of articulation on the outside of the glove that provided the extra squeezing power. Or possibly rubber strings that went from the tips of the 4 fist fingers and attached to the could still stretch the fingers out, but they would naturally be pulled tighter.

The closest I have seen are gloves that use velcro for people with serious disabilities, but not in a configuration that would be helpful to me.

But thanks for the helped me think more about it and come up with the rubber string idea, which might be something I could do myself.

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