weed hog trimmer blade

jamesg(konahawaii)October 22, 2007

I just purchased a Weed Hog blade for my echo trimmer, and it just shreds the small brush and grass; however, it scares me the way chips of wood sometimes fly up and hit my face. It makes me wonder about the possibility of a piece of blade flying off sometime.

Actually the things seems well built, made in Georgia, and its like a mini rotary cutter with a center spindle and 2 free swinging blades. The design seems really cool, and it cuts great. I'm just concerned about the safety question.

Comments, please.

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masiman(z7 VA)

I have not directly heard of a brush blade failing but I have heard others mention that fear. Someone did write that you should not try to substitute a circular or tablesaw blade as a brush cutting blade. Their fear was that those blades are not designed for the higher rpm's of trimmers and that the teeth could potentially come off. I imagine a small sharpened bit of carbide could nicely embed itself in your muscle, maybe even your bone.

There is another brush blade called a "Beaver Blade". It looks to be a series of short sections of sawchain attached to a metal disc.

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maineman(z5a ME)


Hopefully the instructions that came with both your Echo trimmer and the Weed Hog blade caution you to wear protective gear for your eyes and face.

When I bought my Stihl chain saw, I also purchased a Stihl chainsaw helmet, which includes ear protectors and a wire screen that gives full face protection and some neck protection. I also wear it when I am using my shredder-chipper and I would wear it if I were using a trimmer.

When I first got the chainsaw helmet, I had some doubts about the wire screen. But I found that safety goggles always fog up on me, and the wire screen doesn't do that. The wire screen is black, and you hardly notice it.


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Pooh Bear

Anyone got a link for a Weed Hog or a Beaver Blade?
I have been looking at those attachments with the plastic blades.
I think metal blades would work much better.

Pooh Bear

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maineman(z5a ME)

Pooh Bear,

This is a link for a Beaver Blade.


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Pooh Bear

Thanks for the link. Looks scary.
I'm guessing that thing is not meant to be used
with a regular hand held weed eater.

Pooh Bear

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maineman(z5a ME)

Pooh Bear,

I think the Beaver Blade can be used with quite a few makes and models of trimmers. But it is capable of doing much more serious injury than a regular string trimmer.

Incidentally, I didn't find a source for the "Weed Hog blade" that James mentioned, but it may be a flail type of blade with pivoted swinging blades mounted on the central core. In some designs, the swinging blades are made of solid nylon. In other designs, they are metal, and even more dangerous.


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Thanks for the replies. The chain saw helmet seems a good idea. fyi--my weedhog has metal blades. They show some nicks due to serious use. fyi--I bought weedhog on ebay. Perhaps it is a discontinued item. I really couldn't say. But I think I will look into purchasing a screen mask.

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Metal wire is pretty dangerous I use the plastic brush blades in my yard and they have metal blades on the outside of them. Pro's don't have to change the string or blades as much and can cut small trees with them. They pivot back inside attachment head so don't break off. Con's a set of blade replacements cost about 10 bucks but they are pretty easy to replace just remove attachment and it comes apart surprisingly easy. I have a neighbor who got some solid metal blades made from industrial steel where he works but that is not something that every one can get easily. I think ten bucks on the blades is way worth it and there are light blades can get 12 packs of that wont cut the small tree's but for grass work real well and tall weeds.




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