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TreelyMarch 17, 2013

Ok so please be patient as I'm new to all this. I want a large picturesque tree for our front yard. I was close to pulling the trigger on the Cleveland Pear but thanks to all the information here I changed my mind. Then I was ready to roll with the October Glory Maple but was kindly reminded by research that the invasive roots would be a problem for my lawn down the road. So basically I would like a nice flowering tree that has minimum invasive roots about the ground. Is there such a tree lol

I will take any suggestions and do the research from there.
Thank you in advance

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

It might lead to better suggestions is you gave us more info. Here are some things to consider:
1. What hardiness zone are you in? New Jersey spans two complete hardiness zones (which isn't a lot, but might still make a difference in some cases).
2. What type of soil do you have (fast/slow draining, clay/sand/loam, etc.)?
3. Will the tree be planted in full sun, shade, or somewhere in between?
4. Are there other factors related to the planting site or your local climate that might be relevant?

Here are some helpful links:
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
Invasive Plants of NJ (Plants to Avoid)
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Recommended New Jersey Tree Finder

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Thank you Brandon,

That's why I'm here, to learn. I live in 7A - hardiness zone, and my soil does have some clay deeper down ( as per my well guy) and it drains pretty well with that being said.
I also have at least 4-5 hours of full sun ( afternoon). I will definitely pay attention to that more closely. I should add that because of the location of of the proposed tree, it will be getting morning sun too, so I should be bumping up the totals to more like 6-7 hours of sun. Thank you again for the links and any help finding a great tree.

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Sure, there's such a tree!! And more than one or two :-)

A classic front garden ornamental tree is a flowering dogwood. While considered and understory tree, dogwoods can and do grow well in full sun with adequate irrigation. Hybrid cultivars will ensure disease resistance and provide some height that is not as common with the eastern flowering dogwood or the kousas.

Another classic front yard tree is a Japanese maple, although these are grown more for form and foliage than flowers. These tend to have much more well-behaved root systems than their larger cousins and produce neither invasive nor abundant surface roots. There are several cultivars as well as the species that will grow to an appreciable size also.

Some other attractive and low maintenance/low issue choices:
Katsura - Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Tupelo - Nyssa sylvatica
Sourwood - Oxydendrum arboreum
various oak species

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Thank you for the helpful information. The Tupelo looks great, and I also like the flowering dog wood too. If I didn't have a pink weeping cherry on the other side of my driveway I would go with the Rutgers creation, the Stellar Flowering Pink Dogwood which looks nice.

Is it true that I will have to wait approximately 3 years for the tree to flower? ( for the Dogwood)

Have a great day and thanks

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