davids10 z7a nv.June 9, 2014

super year

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davids10 z7a nv.

when they are good

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

Your garden area is beautiful!

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

Really lovely.

Do you stake your Delphs? If not, how do they survive wind and rain?


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Ditto what Mytime said!

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"super year"

Super garden!


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gringo(z8 VA)

Great job! Love those Delphinium...anyways, I got a photo, of the 'uncomplicated' process of sowing some 'Pacific Giants' in a baggy with a coffee filter, to share. (Not to hijack your post.... as I thought you may have asked me, David.) This is just past the point at which I'd normally have already been pricking them out with a tooth pick, & into a seedling tray. (Especially to fill in, where ones didn't make the first round!)
Would have done it a bit sooner, but life's other responsibilities can get in the way of gardening & people come first, in list of priorities.... ( I also hope the photo isn't way too much, for some people's service providers- apologies to those.)

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gringo(z8 VA)

Oh & lest I forget again, in the first photo of yours, is that a Dudleya there at the bottom center? & if so, where ever did you manage to find that beauty? Thanks.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Nice stand of Delphiniums! Very pretty. I was going to grow those this year and got side tracked. In the past when I did have them for a few seasons, I did have to stake mine.

Gringo, thanks for posting that photo of your germinated Delphinium seeds. IâÂÂll have to try that technique next time. It looks pretty simple.

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Lovely pictures. I have several stands of delphs and some flop - others don't. I have no idea why. I only stake the ones that have been growing in one spot for years and I know they are ones that will eventually flop if there is enough wind (or if a varmint decides to make a bed).

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gringo(z8 VA)

prariemoon; not a problem at all! I guess the way I typed instructions & the follow up, sounded like a lot more work, than it actually is, in reality.
I probably spent more time in total, just typing about it, than it does to accomplish starting them this way, using this method. Probably, including the total time spent transplanting too, by now.... lol

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well, it's a real nice trick for Delphiniums because they don't have the highest percentage of germination and to see what has germinated before you plant out is a plus to me. Post photos when your plants start growing. :-)

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David I know you are focusing on delphiniums and I'm sure those are nice as everyone says, but since I cannot or would even try to grow delphiniums I look at your garden from the standpoint of an artist. Again I say the composition is outstanding along with the balance of color which trumps any one single element. Sorry but I just cannot focus on just the delphiniums except as a nice vertical element. On that note, I love the grasslike element in the middle of the pond, what is that? It gives a wonderfully sophisticated contrast to the rounder flowering plants and is the first thing to catch my eye because its a kind of nice surprise which jumps out in contrast, in a very effective but subtle way.

As far as plants I'm interested in, I have to ask what is the agave-like white plant front and center in the top photo? Thats the one I'd be pointing at and asking about if I was visiting because I'd want one.

I love the touches of light yellow which add some warm tones. Although some people snub and even hate yellow for some reason I cannot fathom, I don't care for all pink and purple gardens myself so that really pulls it out for me and balances the color scheme.

Take all this from a Midwesterner who lives in a different clime & who specializes in all American Gardens so if I tread on any toes here,*&^%$#@Q I apologize in advance, feels like walking on eggshells a lot of the time.

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a2zmom(6a - nj)

An extremely beautifully put together garden. A delightful composition.

Do you have any advice for growing delphs? I am about to attempt my first one, one of the New Zealand hybrids

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