Homelite Chainsaw 27AV will not idle

salesiOctober 25, 2009

I have a Homelite 27 AV chainsaw that will start and run at full throttle, but will not idle. There are three screws on the carb: a large silver screw and two smaller screws next to each other. The chainsaw was made in 2000 and has been lightly used. Can someone tell me how to adjust the carb to idle? Thanks for your help.

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One of three things IMO, the idle screw is set too low now due to a dirty carb. it won't idle. the idle screw will be the one when you pull the trigger the lever on the carb rests against it holding the butterfly slightly open to alow air in to idle.

Next the low side if the carb has moved slightly from vibration, difference in barometric pressure, or dirt has started to gum up the passages (most likely). You can look on the two screws close togather should be a hi and LO either on the carb or the chainsaw housing where you see the screws. You can note where the screw slot is and try to turn it a 1/8 turn or less counter clockwise. if that don't work turn it back to the orginal setting

third, the carb is gummed up from gas (especially corn gas) setting in the carb and has plugged up some of the fine passageways that alow the carb to work. removing and cleaning the carb small passages with carb. cleaner would be in order or try to cheat and spray carb cleaner down the carb and into the tank hoping it will unclog and untarnish the internal passages of the carb. (use the instructions on the can of carb. cleaner) If that works I would use some kind of gas treatment to try and prevent this in the future, but if you don't use if for awhile it may happen anyway.

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billw(5b - Kansas)

I suggest you check that the carb is firmly screwed on. These later HOMELITE (JOHN DEERE owned) are very subject to loose screws.

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What is the initial setting For Hi Lo Adjustment to get the saw running?

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Wickline: 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns out from seated is the norm .

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