Stihl FS9? trimmer / start-stop control

mvronOctober 16, 2013

I have just acquired a Stihl FS9 something trimmer. The model is damaged and I don't if it's a FS90 or something else. I don't see a "start/stop" control switch on the handle or anywhere else. Ideas?? Thanks

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There should be some form of identification number on the unit . Serial number or fig. number . This will enable confirmation of the model and model year .

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mvron, Please post a close full pic of the engine related to where small wires exist.

Stihl Techs, what would be the most common locations and types of switches on older Stihl trimmers (A toggle, a button, a slide switch, on stick or head)? Would any small visible wire lead to the switch?

mvron, Have you tried to start or checked for fire? If there is fire the switch is on and possibly a spring loaded button or slide on and has to be pushed to kill.

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Looking at the sticker which is damaged - the only info I can look at is Model F561 E1 (questionable) and the partial SN is 10 62 77.

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I think it's a FS61 - I got a manual from the Stihl web site. I got it started - ran poorly then just died. I see there is supposed to be a stop switch on the throttle handle. Will investigate.. Probably take to the dump. It's supposed to be a brush cutter.

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Thanks for the Pic and additional info. I feel you have identified some needs and will consider the Challenge or Dumping. My best trimmer was a 15 yr old Green Machine that I probably ran another 15 + years before I needed a Break. You have to make that choice of Rebuilding Quality Equipment or Upgrading at a point. Even with Upgrading Skills, equipment can become time consuming But Quality Is Hard To Beat. Time vs True Quality!

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Amen to that loger. I got the machine running pooly - which is always a plus. I'm going to do some engine checking - compression - and see how sound the engine is. It really is a very heavy duty machine. Maybe a carb rebuild will be in order. I just paid $15 for a Honda HR21 mower. Runs well - painted it and will keep till next year. That's a really old Honda. Thanks for ideas.

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This also looks like the FS65 i have. I recall another variation of this setup was also sold as a FS90 (or maybe that was 85...)

If u give up on it. email me - i might be willing to buy it off you for parts JIC.

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