echo weedeater shaft doesnt turn

judybrianOctober 20, 2013

echo 260u weedeater starts fine...full throttle does not turn head

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Judy have you removed the spool head to check for jamming (bird nest) these bump feed models had issues with lock up . Many owners bought the new fixed head cutting line to resolve this issue . Also if all seems fine within the cutting line head , check the cable drive is adequately greased and is turning freely . Let us know what you find .

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I agree with Ewalk, that should be fairly easy to spot with the head off.

1. From a search, I saw itâÂÂs a shaft vs a cable and if so, itâÂÂs heavier and not as likely to break vs jam.

2. With the head off, disassembled if needed you should see any problems, check ends of shaft and connections also.

3. Unless! ItâÂÂs worn enough to have a clutch issue, dropping the shaftâÂÂs stick/tube should show the clutch.

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ewalk - not quite. If it is jammed, when u give it gas, the motor would bog down and die unless u release quick enough.

If the head turns freely, hold it and someone give it some gas and u feel the gear catch here and there, then the gearbox is stripped. If u feel nothing, then like loger says, it is the clutch.

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Outsider: Since this unit is a trimmer / brusher I doubt it is an issue with the clutch ,but you never can say for certain until all routine issues are checked out . It does have a Flex Shaft cable drive and was offered with a Bump feed or Manual feed as an option for commercial usage. Have serviced numerous Echo's and this Model had numerous consumer complaint issues with both the Bump feed head on this model and the cable drive , seizing or disconnecting from the gear drive at the head if not serviced routinely and spooled properly. The OP has not responded back unfortunately so apparently all is good , how about you ? Loger: Good points Bro , as usual forgot all about this Old Thread , happens when the OP does not reply back lol.

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