What will a Toro Single/Double Stage Snowblowers convert into

loger_gwOctober 23, 2010

What will a Toro Single/Double Stage Snowblowers convert into to be useful in North TX Dallas Area? A friend moved back from PA and moved his 20 + year old smallest blower back. I doubt he will ever need it here. Will it convert to a leaf blower or at least use the motor for etc.. Are most 2 or 4 cycle engines? loger

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A single cylinder 3-4-5 or more horse-power engine is always being sought by somebody. Depending on wether it is the vertical or horizontal crank-shaft, will be how he should sell it. My son has a log-splitter that uses a 4 hp engine. I took it off a lawn tool, and it works well. As for the snow-blower part, it might be used to blow sand out of the garage. A better use for it would be something to be converted to war usage, minus the engine!
My Grand-father had a very old Fordson farm tractor sitting behind the barn. One time i went to visit, and asked what happened to the old tractor.
He said that the Air Force had dropped it on Japan in WW II! Go figure!

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Rusty, Thanks For The Reply/Ideas!

Can you post a link to the log splitter? I have one with a 1 HP electric motor that has worked well with all sizes of green oak wood up to 30âÂÂdia. It met itâÂÂs match on some dry wood last week. Plus, the pump is loud and I feel it gave me ringing ears before I started wearing muffs. The splitter was a gift and technology I was not use to. Links to my splitter are below under the title âÂÂlog splitter's ram/cylinder's seal leakedâ or at the link below. loger


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Naw, i'm not into posting links in these forums. If the electric motor gave out, then either buy a new motor, or buy a gasoline engine and adapt it to the splitter. Not a hard task. Just ask for ideas locally where you can lay yer hands on the items needed.

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