For Harlane marker users - question

bunnicula03(z6b NJ)May 17, 2014

For those of you who use the engraved Harlane name markers for your roses, which color did you choose, light or dark green? Should be such a simple decision, I know. But I'm having a bit of a dilemma deciding which color to get. I'm favoring the light green, but thinking the dark green may blend better as well as show off the names better. Since they are permanent, and I won't be buying all the names I want at once but adding as time goes by, I want to make sure I've started out with the right choice. Any photos of them in your garden would be greatly appreciated.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

I have the originals, they only came in light green at the time. They blend in well for me, but I don't worry so much about these things.

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I ordered 200 of these and had everything labeled, After a while the sun makes these brittle and they start to decompose. Labels are nice, but no substitute for a map, preferably on your computer so it can be maintained easily.

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bunnicula03(z6b NJ)

Thanks, Diane. Do you happen to have a photo of them in your garden? And deervssteve, that's a good suggestion for a map. I've always had the round metal name tags on my (grafted) roses when I grew them years ago. Nowadays the own-root bands only have the small plastic stakes, and even the grafted roses often don't have permanent ID tags on them. Some of the roses I planted last year had their plastic stakes virtually disintegrate with this year's brutal winter. A map would have enabled me to ID the couple whose tags have disappeared.

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mark_roeder(4B IA)

Is there mapping software?

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You do know that you can get metal "tape" for the Dymo type label-maker that will not be subject to any weathering whatsoever, don't you? Unfortunately they are aimed at being effective rather than being exce$$ively showy.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

I'll see if I can find any photos.

The original owner/founder of Harlane was the late Frank Benardella, who was a member of our rose society. Whatever works for you, even painted rocks, it is your choice.

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vasue(7A Charlottesville)

Like the copper plant markers in their various forms & find the legged & angled ones that can be embossed with a pen or scribe most useful. Sometimes add the long twist-on labels to the legged one if wanting to note more info. These last many years for me even in acidic soil - the galvanized legs are eventually vulnerable, but the copper strips endure. Easily repositioned toward the edge as plants mature or are shifted, or (sigh) removed if they fail. The zinc ones apparently work the same but worried they might toxify the soil, never tried them.

Map plants, too - pen & pad tucked in the tool bucket for rough sketch notes & updates made to penciled diagrams afterwards. But out in the garden, find it easier to find & read a marker than sidetrack inside to the map notebook.

Didn't know they made metal tape for the marker machines - thanks for the tip, cold_weather_is_evil! Will look into that option when my shoebox stash of copper labels empties. Miss the metal tags that used to come with roses, too...

Here is a link that might be useful: copper plant markers variety

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bunnicula03(z6b NJ)

Thanks, cold_weather_is_evil, I was not aware of metal tape. That might be something I use in the future. And vasue, I had also considered copper markers. I do like the looks of them, but my handwriting is no so neat.

Diane, I was not aware that Frank Benardella was the founder of Harlane. Did he develop these markers? I've admired his mini roses for many years, and owned more than a few. I had forgotten he was from NJ. I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing, it seemed the end of an era for rose lovers. And your suggestion of painted name rocks is a good one. This could be really neat if done right. Another idea to consider.

Right now I've decided on the dark green Harlanes with white letters, should both blend in the garden but be easily readable. I've placed an order for 25 engraved labels for my definite "keepers", will see how I like them before ordering more. I'd still love to see your pics of them in the garden, if you get a chance.

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