Consequences of irrigation running 48+ hours straight?

BlackAceJanuary 19, 2013

This is more out of curiosity than anything else. The sprinkler system for the green space area next to our house has been on since Wednesday evening (it is now Saturday morning). I walked the lot yesterday to take a look, and as you would expect, there is standing water on the sod, and pooled around the trees. I alerted the HOA yesterday afternoon, which they were grateful for and they said they contacted the landscape company to come fix. Being the weekend, I'm not sure what will actually transpire.

Aside from a water bill that I can't even begin to imagine, are there any consequences or potential issues due to this mistake? While it's not our lot, we do have a vested interest in how it looks since we paid a big lot premium to put our house next to it, and the way it looks is important to us in that regard. Additionally, any potential ill effects due to runoff that we might see in our lot?

Should I try to shut off the water at the street as a good citizen, or will that potentially cause damage to the system itself?

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As long as they don't take too long to fix the problem, there should not be an issue. Except for the bill that the homeowner association pays for water which is in essence you. If this is a sign of poor HOA management and poor hiring choices, you can expect your fees to go up or be higher than other HOAs. Also, over-watering or unfixed broken sprinklers, if not fixed causes mosquitoes. If water is left standing more than 7 days mosquitoes will breed and proliferate. Good job in helping your HOA fix the problem but this should not have happened with quality professional landscape maintenance company. GL Aloha

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