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rmonge00January 19, 2013


I want to run a water line from my house to my garden, where I want to install about 4-6 faucets to connect drip irrigation to. I would like to be able to use the first faucet in the line year-round because that one will service the greenhouse.

What kind of cold weather precautions do I need to take? (our frost line is 18 inches and we go in and and out of light frosts all winter).

Can I bury it all below frost line and set up a drain line for the first faucet (so it can drain water when not being used). And then blow out or drain the other faucets during the winter. Would burying below frost line help?

Do I need to insulate the pipe that is connecting to the house pipe above the frost line?

Is a drain line the best way to go for the faucet that I want to use year-round?

Should I put in a valve to blow out the other lines with a compressor or should I just install drain lines for them?

Do I need to set up a frost-free faucet on the one that I am using year-round? Sorry for all of the questions!!!!!

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I don't know how much you want to spend on this system. It will be hard to answer your questions with asking more questions to get a better picture of what you are doing and how much knowledge and experience you have. My $0.02 is to hire a local irrigation or landscape expert to come up with a design to meet your needs. Then you can decide to DIY or hire a contractor. Do not hire the same guy that does your design. Always get three quotes to obtain a reasonable price for your area. If you are operating a greenhouse it would be a good idea to go with the profession licensed route. You can always go back to them if something isn't right. Otherwise you are climbing the learning curve on your own nickel. Aloha

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