Sprinkler valve won't shut off

bruce61(1000 Oaks, CA)January 12, 2006

Looking for suggestions or help, PLEASE!!! This is a bit long, but I thought I should be thorough.

I had to replumb my yard after installing a pool. The rear yard is now fed by a 3/4 line from the water main, that previously was one zone of sprinklers controlled in the front yard by an electronic anti-siphon valve. I installed a ball valve in its place and ran the pipe to feed three hose bibs and a new six sprinkler valve array in the rear yard.

I had one planter elevated above the rest of the yard, and I tied a new zone into that existing pipe so the shrubs are watered. For the rear yard, I installed six electric actuator valves in a row, with the one serving the elevated hill being the last of the six. I originally installed Rainbird 3/4 plastic valves (their cheap model) on all six valves.

At first I had two problems:

(1) I was getting a lot of water coming through the anti-siphon valve when I turned on the valve. I then installed an in-line one-way backflow device to stop the down-hill flow when the sprinklers were turned off.


(2) The valve would contine to run after the timer turned off the valve.

The backflow device stopped problem one, but problem two persisted. Rainbird assured me it was not a pressure issue and since none of the other five valves act up, I think they are right. But to be sure, I figured a better valve would do the trick. Thus, I then installed a Champion brass valve and actuator on the last valve feeding the hill. The valce would then allow water to flow for a minute after the solenoid was deactivated, but would stop. However, after a landscaper finished working on other areas utilizing other zones, the problem is back. The only way to stop the water flow is to completely turn close the flow valve. I do not believe the valve is dirty inside.

Any suggestions?


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bruce61(1000 Oaks, CA)

It's fixed. I must have gotten a lot of dirt in the line. A pebble was imbedded in the gasket keeping the plunger from closing all the way.

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one of my six sprinkler zones won't stop running. the sprinkler heads in that zone constantly leak and leave small flood around all the heads. when i turn the valve on in the box manually the valve sprays everywhere and floods the box.

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Are the heads lower in elevation than the valve that turns them on? How are you turning on the valve manually? What are you doing in detail for manual operation? Have you tried turning on the valve manually just twisting the solenoid counterclockwise slightly? Aloha

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We have tried cleaning, replacing valves three times, and nothing has worked. We have 7stations. Number one stays on unless we shut off the main water line. We finally canceled it and hooked up an irrigation timer (that usually connects to a faucet.) We turn it on manually and the pipe jerks so we know it is working properly. When we turn it off, the pipe jerks so we know water is on and off but Number one is still running. We are at our wits end. Anyone out there who can give us an answer?????

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A valve that is stuck open is almost always one of two things: a problem with the selonoid ...the actuator is stuck in the open position (common for latching selonoids) or perhaps miss wired to the MV position on the timer. Or a problem with the diaphram ...perhaps it is damaged or has a little debris trapped in it (very very common)

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Thanks for the information. I am trying to fix a similar issue with my Hunter X-Core irrigation system. Any advice on how to isolate the problem to see if it is the solenoid?
In my case, the only way to shutoff the water to zone one is to shut off the valve feeding the irrigation system. If I disconnect the solenoid and/or the electrical connection from solenoid, is it in effect shutting that valve off?

Thank you,

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